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Reclaiming Ourselves,

Shifting Our Planet

By Judith Corvin-Blackburn, LCSW, DMin
 “Everything is energy, that’s all there is to it.  Match the frequency of the reality you want, and you cannot help but get that reality.  It can be no other way.  This is not philosophy, it’s physics.”  Albert Einstein


Humanity is in the midst of a great evolutionary leap.  We are moving from the limitations of being a 3D human into the expanded abilities of a 5D human.  Our deepening of compassion for ourselves and others, the awareness of the unity of all things, and tapping into high of levels of creativity unlock ancient codes in our DNA which opens us more and more to our 5th dimensional frequency.  As this happens, our bandwidth of perception increases exponentially, and our ability to experience and understand ourselves as energy beings expands.

You can begin to feel this inside of yourself.  If you close your eyes for a moment and use your breath to take you into a meditative state, you can tune into the movement in your cells, you can feel their energy. Centering with the breath and sending love and awareness to your cells, you might begin to notice your cells speeding up, and as this happens you experience a sensation of lightness and spaciousness – a sense of joy.  This is what it feels like to tune into our 5D frequency and reclaim ourselves as a 5D human, aware of ourselves as energy beings.

In doing this, we are reclaiming ourselves as the humans we once were long before our current recorded history, before those DNA codes shut down.  As we reclaim our 5D expression as humans on this planet, not only do we experience ourselves as energy beings, we also understand that all of creation is simply different energy configurations vibrating at different speeds.  In turn, this helps us participate in the creation of New Earth, the Co-creation of a loving, just, peaceful world where all of life is honored.

Here’s how this works:  When you speed up the movement of the cells in your body, this speeds up the vibration in your aura, the energy field which surrounds your physical body. As we become more aware of connecting with our own energy and increasing this vibration, we expand our ability to consciously connect with the energy of others, no matter how great the geographical distance.  This became most pronounced for me when I started doing long-distance sessions for clients and I could still get the same kinesthetic cues that I got when they were sitting with me in my office.

We all have a slightly different frequency from one another, but simultaneously we are all part of a larger energy system where the frequencies of all of us are working together. And the faster our cells are able to vibrate, the higher frequency of love and awareness we feed into this system.  In turn, this uplifts all of humanity.

This also allows us to feel how we are all part of this larger system, this giant hologram of Creation, which provides us with a new way to experience ourselves as part of the Divine. This hologram is an immense interconnected web; a quantum field. Physicists have found that the tiniest particle of what we call matter is not a particle at all but rather energy that continually shifts between being a particle and a wave. Every cell in our body is made up of these; in other words, we are constructed of particles/waves.  Since wave-particles communicate with other wave-particles, no matter how great the distance between them, we are naturally designed to communicate with all others, and are always affecting one another in this way, whether consciously or unconsciously.

When we have this awareness, when we understand that we are interconnected with everything, then we can more consciously participate in planetary healing. Imagine a huge breathing energy organism not visible to our 3D eyes but seen with our inner, more highly developed senses and realize you are a cell in this great organism. Just like the differentiation in our bodies, where some cells are for skin, some for organs, some for blood, each of us is like a differentiated cell in this organism of Creation, and each of us has an important role in keeping this organism healthy.  When we experience the qualities of compassion and well-being, we increase these qualities in this hologram, which then shows up in our world.

Another gift which occurs as we speed up our cells and activate this 5D frequency, is that our empathic skills continue to grow.  As this occurs, the experience of our interconnectedness with all that is, of being part of this huge energetic web, becomes so embodied in us, we become unable to harm another living creature. This is happening rapidly to many of us, and as our empathic abilities open, this is giving us a kinesthetic experience of the energy connections among us all.  We can no longer deny the life force or divine spark in everything.

The more we open psychically, the more we understand that information that comes from through us intuitively is often more important and accurate than our outer knowledge.  This creates a stronger sense of self-empowerment which in turn helps us all.

As we step more fully into our 5D human expression, we find ourselves ever closer to using our loving and creative collective energy to co-create New Earth, to co-create a planet where all of life is honored, where all beings thrive, where violence and wars have become a strange phenomenon of a distant past. 


Tuning into ourselves as energy beings, deepening our compassion, and strengthening our awareness of the interconnectedness of all creation are the qualities we need to make this new world a reality.  We no longer feel ourselves in separation, disconnected from the Divine: 


We come into a place of true wholeness, living as the 5D humans we are designed to be.



Evolving Magazine

Kansas City


Judith Corvin-Blackburn, LCSW, DMin is an award-winning author, nationally known teacher, transpersonal psychotherapist & Shamanic Minister, who has been inspiring people to step into their inner authority, joy and purpose for over 45 years.  She is also co-founder of the Shamanic Multidimensional Mystery School.  Underlying all her work is her passion and commitment to help transform our planet into the loving, peaceful and creative place it is meant to be.  Her latest book is Activating Your 5D Frequency:  A Guidebook for the Journey into Higher Dimensions.

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