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EATING WELL IN KANSAS CITY - February 2018 - Kansas City

Release Weight Naturally without Dieting: 

10 Simple Steps

By Angela Watson Robertson


As a health coach, I work with clients often who’d like to lose weight (or release weight, as I prefer to refer to it), and they want to lose it quickly. In our culture we are accustomed to getting what we want when we want it and often we don’t like to make small, consistent changes to our health and lifestyle to see results with our health and our body. Yet, if you want to release weight naturally, without harsh or unhealthy supplements, strict dieting, or detoxing which don’t usually keep the weight off long term, then you have to give your body time.


Most people who have released weight in a healthy way and kept it off long term have looked past fad diets, strict detoxes or cleanses, and diet pills and found what works best for their own bodies. In my practice, I encourage people who want to release weight to experiment with different methods and see what works. The following 10 steps, or suggestions, will help you shift your body and your life into a healthier place and allow you to keep extra pounds off for the long term.


Always eat breakfast.

When you skip meals, you become calorie deficient and will be more inclined to overeat later in the day. Your body is literally starving for energy, so even if you’re not hungry in the morning- eat something hearty and well-balanced.


It is also helpful to snack throughout the day. The days of not eating in order to lose weight are gone. Often eating more has nothing to do with putting on pounds- it the type of food you are eating that may be the problem. If you don’t know the type of food that is right for you or where to start, I suggest you work with a health coach to help you discover what works for you.


Drink more water.

Replace soda, alcohol, and coffee with water and you’ll be amazed by the results. Add some lemon or fruit to your water to make it a bit more fun to drink, but get a lot of it. Try drinking water before you eat a meal as the water will help break down the food more effectively. If you have to have your daily coffee, drink at least 8 oz. of water before so that you stay hydrated and over time you may find that the water will “crowd out” your craving for caffeine.


Make your own meals.


In general, restaurant food has more salt, more unhealthy fat, more calories, and is served in larger portions than food you make at home. When you cook at home you can control the amount of salt, the type of oil, and the portion size. If you have to dine out, try splitting one dish with a friend or ask to have half of the dish wrapped up before they bring your meal to the table. This way you are all set for lunch the next day as well.


Reduce stress.


People often eat more when they feel stressed. The full feeling often makes us feel comfortable and relaxed. Try other techniques for relaxing your body and mind instead of relying on food to help you with this. Take a daily hot bath or walk around the block. When eating, I recommend that you slow down the process--focus on breathing and enjoying each meal instead of quickly devouring your food in an unconscious way.


Get enough sleep each night.


There is more and more evidence every year that connects a lack of sleep with increased appetite. Most people need 7-8 hours of good sleep each night. Do what it takes to make that happen for you and know that you are making an investment in your long term health and wellness.


Move your body.

Exercise is great, and many people love it, but if it’s not for you- then focus on moving your body more often. Start with simple, small changes like getting off one stop earlier on a train and walking the rest of the way or parking in the back of your work parking lot. Take the stairs whenever possible. Instead of meeting a friend for coffee or happy hour, meet them for a walk, a bike ride, or take a dance class together.


Track your progress.

Keep a food journal and track what foods work well for your body and how you feel after you eat them. If you notice that every time you eat a lot of grains or gluten, you feel bloated, bummed out, and low energy, then try avoiding those foods for a while to see how you feel. Try a free weight loss app on your phone to help keep you motivated and track your progress.


Be a food detective.

Read all food labels (anything that comes in a box or package) and don’t eat anything you can’t pronounce. This is a huge step and will change your health in a big way! Stick to simple, whole foods that are in their natural state (not processed) to nourish your body.


Identify your temptation foods.

You probably already know whether you crave salty or sweet, fried or creamy, and you know that if these foods are within reach you will eat them. You’re not weak, you’re just human! Don’t keep these foods in your home or office and get support from friends, family, and colleagues to keep these foods at bay throughout the day.


Take a high-quality multivitamin.

Everyone can benefit from more nutrients in their diet and these days it’s hard to get everything we need from our food alone due to reduces soil quality and toxicity in our environment. Some evidence suggests that by adding specific high-quality nutrients to a well-balanced diet, you can improve your metabolism and many enzyme processes for greater vitality and healthy.


The bottom line is that if you want to release weight fast, you don’t have to go on a fad diet. Just switch from simple to complex carbohydrates and eat lots of vegetables. Not only will you drop pounds, but you’ll improve your overall health. Plant foods are so low in calories that they force the body to burn its own fat- how cool is that!?


Nobody gets fat on a diet that consists largely of green vegetables, sweet vegetables, whole grains, and small amounts of high-quality animal proteins. Yet, add in a bunch of cookies, white bread, french fries, and a few hamburgers and you may have yourself a weight problem. Most of my clients ending up releasing weight when they start shifting some of their food choices. They are thrilled when they have more energy, more passion for food, and they feel lighter and leaner than ever. The key is to make the connection that healthy, whole foods really make you feel better and then the weight will become a secondary issue. 

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