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Hacking Happiness:

Self-Care Strategies That Work!


By Amanda Hainline

Fifteen years ago, Amanda was like a lot of women — exhausted by the demands of motherhood, marriage, work, and life. One day she was overwhelmed by an instantaneous barrage of emotions, including frustration, anger, sadness, resentment, and others all fighting for her attention. Through research, she discovered she had experienced a “kundalini awakening,” when dormant emotional energy suddenly flows freely through the seven chakras (energy centers). This experience led her to develop and fine-tune the strategies she shares in “Feel Better in Five Minutes” — methods she has taught to clients from CEOs to preschoolers. Here are three:


Envision Emotional Release

  1. Note on a scale of 1 to 10 how much an emotion is affecting you.

  2. Identify the emotion you want to release. Say (out loud if possible) “I choose to release [emotion] and whatever it is attached to.”

  3. Envision the emotions leaving your body while taking a couple of deep breaths.


Breathe From Your Belly

  1. Breathe in a deep breath through your nose while placing your hands over your belly until you feel it move with your breath.

  2. Breathe out completely through your mouth, repeating to get the feel for it.

  3. Once you get the hang of belly breathing, you don’t have to put your hands on your stomach. This makes it easier to use this technique when you are driving a car or something else where you need to use your hands.


Dress For Your day

  1. Think about what you have to do today. Is there an important meeting on your calendar or are you having a chill day?

  2. Take stock of how you are feeling — are you confident, bold, depressed, anxious, or overwhelmed? If you are having a big meeting and feel like you are lacking confidence, try wearing something red or orange to bring on the power to boost you. If you are relaxing after a long week, cuddle up in some soft off-white, pink, or gray loungewear for the morning.

  3. If you’re not sure which colors to wear, just open up your closet and see what clothes you are attracted to that day, Amanda says: “Let your intuition guide you.”


“Let's be real — we all lead very busy lives. We really don't have time to think about

our emotions in a deep and perplexing way and most of us don't want to spend a lot of time there. That's why, in this book, I’m going to show you ways to feel better, to feel happy,” Amanda says.

Amanda Hainline is an emotional freedom mentor, intuitive healer, and author of the upcoming book “Feel Better in Five Minutes — An Empowering Guide to Gain Control Over Your Emotions.” She helps people find freedom from anxiety, depression, and stress through energy healing.


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