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6 Self-Care Ideas for Women That Can Be Done At Home (New Routines You've Never Heard Of)


The iconic phrase heard from women around the world -- treat yo’ self! To some, it sounds like a silly phrase, but the idea behind it, self-care, is far from silly. 

Self-care is shown to be pivotal to women’s health and wellness.

It’s no surprise then, that the amount of times people have searched the phrase “self-care” is at a record-breaking high in the middle of a global health crisis.

Pinterest boards are full of self-care ideas of women, along with self-care routines and rituals to try at home. 

We did some research and found some ideas you may not have heard of. Ideas that might even save you time, energy, and money! And they all revolve around a new tool for self-care...the WAVwatch, the world’s first sound therapy watch. 

Here are some of the best self-care ideas for women they can do at home: 

  1. Sound frequency therapy

  2. Weight loss and maintenance

  3. DIY spa day at home

  4. Track the kind things people say about you

  5. Schedule worry time

  6. Digital detox

#1 Sound Frequency Therapy

Never heard of sound frequency therapy before? You’re not alone! Using sound to correct imbalances in the body is a technique as old as sound itself. It’s now being used as a pretty underrated health self-care tool.

You can click here for a full article on sound therapy but, in short, sound therapy uses various sound frequencies to address common body problems. These sounds can address everything from headaches and Lyme Disease to kidney and joint pain, cold and flu symptoms, and more! 



Imbalances in your body can leave you vulnerable to a host of issues both physical, mental, and emotional. But there’s a self-care device called the WAVwarch which uses sound therapy to address common issues you struggle with.  

The WAVwatch seems to be the most convenient self-care routine possible for anyone who wants to stay mobile, safe, and at home. It’s a watch, so you slip it on like any other device. Then, you choose the frequency you desire and let it run for the desired amount of time.

What Does the WAVwatch Help With?


The main categories the WAVwatch assists in is hormonal health, breast health, and emotional health. Hundreds of testimonials have come in (like Alison and Sandra) who speak to the power of what it can do. Both Alison and Sandra had breast health concerns. After just one WAVWatch session, they were much more at ease!

The WAVWatch is a one-time investment compared to the ongoing costs of trips to the doctor, the pharmacist, the chiropractor… you get the picture. All that money goes straight back into your pocket!

#2 Weight Loss and Maintenance

Did you know that there is a virus found in 30% of people who are having weight problems? The adenovirus seems to be connected. Additional research from Louisiana State University mentions they were able to see the adenovirus-infected cells turn into fat cells. In other words, a virus might make you fat. So what self-care tool can you use to protect yourself from this? 


The WAVwatch has a set of weight loss frequencies to help counteract the adenovirus and balance your body so hopefully, your weight loss goals are easier to achieve.

There are 20 different weight loss settings including frequencies for the adenovirus and addictions. Detox, fat burning, weight loss, cellulite, and tummy tuck sets are a must. It also includes sets to balance the adrenals, liver, kidney, pancreas, and thyroid.

Click here to download the full list of frequencies. 

The Ultimate Weight Loss & Self-Care Plan

You can use the WAVwatch as a precursor with the weight loss diet of your choice. Sorry...we still have to cut or change your food intake to lose weight!

Play all frequency sets for the 8 minute time selection morning and evening for about a week. Rotate between the frequencies you find most helpful or that make the most sense. It should balance out your systems and make your weight loss program shift into high gear! 

#3 DIY Spa Day - Gaining Balance

One popular self-care idea for women includes the DIY spa day. It’s probably because it’s a staple for a fun and inexpensive self-care day. 


Since we’re all spending more time at home these days, an at-home spa day might be the perfect addition to your self-care routine. 

Invest in a new robe, fuzzy slipper, a new diffuser, and all the traps and trimmings of a relaxing day at the spa. 

Do a face mask, light your favorite candle, do a sugar scrub on your lips -- anything that leaves you feeling more rejuvenated and gives you a chance to relax and unwind.

The WAVwatch can be helpful in this category too! Check out the hormone balance frequency category and play it in the morning and evening for a couple of days. It’s an easy way to balance your body without trying to figure out supplements. It’s a positive spin on your spa day!

#4 Track the Kind Words of Others

This one might feel silly at first, but tracking the compliments and kind words others offer you is a great way to practice mindfulness and gratitude -- plus it’s a huge ego boost. 


When you note the kind words of your friends, coworkers, family, neighbors, and even strangers, it gives you the opportunity to note the positive things they perceive about you. 

Women are often quick to note their insecurities which can cause harm and unneeded stress. Keeping track of the compliments others have offered you is a practical way of combating any anxiety you might have.

The WAVwatch for Mental & Emotional Stress

The WAVwatch can help balance the mental and emotional stress that comes when women use their own insecurities as weapons against themselves. 

With over 85 different mental and emotional health sound frequency settings, the WAVwatch is a powerhouse to help with our feelings.

Uncertainty, renewed hope, trust, reassurance, support for responsibilities, patience, strength, and self-balance are a few of the frequency sets you can pick from. Then select your emotion category and let your body absorb the balancing frequencies for the desired amount of time.   

#5 Consider a Digital Detox 

Now more than ever, it’s easy to feel what’s known as digital fatigue. Digital fatigue is the exhaustion of our bodies and minds from the constant connection to online and mobile devices. 


According to research by the Nielsen institute, adults spend an average of 11 hours a day on media devices. Digital detox self-care is focused on improving holistic health by lessening exposure to EMF’s.

The easiest and simplest way to practice responsible media use is to never go to bed with your devices. It’s easy to scroll mindlessly on social media right before bed, but research shows that this practice can actually decrease the quality of sleep dramatically. 

If you’re feeling down, anxious, or even depressed, it may be time to cut your devices for a while. 

Even if the detox starts with deleting certain apps for just a week at a time, the results can be a huge benefit to many women’s self-care routine. 

You can also detox with the WAVwatch.  It has 14 different types of detox settings including EMF and electrosmog and radiation detox.  Set aside just a few minutes each day for a week for this wearable technology to help your digital detox. It’s so simple and easy to power up your digital detox. 

#6 Schedule ‘Worry Time’

Not all self-care ideas for women are about the annihilation of stress. Some of them are simple techniques for managing stress.

Scheduling ‘worry time’ does just that.

Instead of spending the entire day with worries nagging in the background of your mind, taking your attention away from the moment you’re in, try scheduling time to ‘worry’.

Annie Miller, a psychotherapist near Washington, D.C. swears by this technique. “Scheduling worry time...trains your brain to have a contained time to think about difficult things," Miller says

According to the rest of the article by Women’s Day, ‘worry time’ should be spent taking “note of anything you’re worried about and make[ing]  a plan for mitigating that duress.”

Giving yourself the ability to freely worry without self-criticism is a great way to give your fear a voice, but manage it and place boundaries on it. 

But come on, we can go one step further...of course, the WAVwatch has frequencies for worriers.  Charlotte, was a worrier about her grandchildren, in fact, she labeled it as PTSD.  She wore the WAVwatch for one hour for anxiety, tension headache, and PTSD.  Three thermography images were taken 30 minutes apart as she wore the WAVwatch.  You can see that her worry did fade and the tension around her head changed drastically.  


Add the WAVWatch to Your Routine!

If you have questions about the WAVWatch, the revolutionary self-care tool for women, contact us! We want the WAVWatch to help you improve your health self-care routine!

Evolving Readers: Promo code EVOLVING25 for an extra 5% off the holiday special, or 25% off the full price of $497. 

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