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FEATURE - August 2015 - Santa Fe

Astarte & Eriene: Channeling about Sacred Sexuality


Channeling is the process of receiving and relaying information from an outside entity while in an altered state of consciousness. Entities that can be channeled vary greatly Astarte and Eriene bring communication from a group of inter-dimensional light beings in their channeling. The following is a channeled piece from Astarte and Eriene on the topic of Sacred Sexuality.


Q:  Please explain the meaning of Sacred Sexuality?


A:  Sacred Sexuality is realizing the power and respecting the energy of your sexuality.  It’s bringing these two aspects together.  It involves conscious direction of the power of sexuality and the respect of that energy.  Also, making clear choices with whom and how to share this part of yourself by learning to not take this energy lightly or recreationally.  Sacred Sexuality encompasses a common integrity with what you are doing with each other in a sexual way, and what your intentions are with that energy. 


Q:  How can single people utilize their own sacred sexuality? 


A:  In the journey of human sexuality, whether or not it is shared with another, it’s important to hold feelings of joy for life.  In living the single life, the activities that you participate in, the places and people you see, it’s important to do this all in the spirit of joy and love because that represents your relationship with yourself.  This is what you are drawing to yourself, your experiences, the mirror of yourself that you are seeing in others.  It’s a journey that shows you something you may want to change about yourself or something that you truly love about yourself.  This journey of self-discovery and self-mastery is sacred, and one that should not be looked at as less desirable. If one doesn’t have a sexual partner to share in these experiences, one should be in gratitude for living a life of beauty and love on this planet at this time.  Gratitude encompasses self-love.  The single journey is just as important, and one that we’ll all experience at some point on our soul path. 


Q:  How does someone become in alignment to attract a sacred sexuality relationship?


A:  The most important thing that you can do is to know yourself.  Know what you enjoy, what activities you enjoy, what foods you like to eat, what thoughts you like to have.  Really know yourself and be clear about what feels good to you.  When you feel, on this journey of self-discovery, that you are at a place that you feel good about yourself and the things you are doing, you’ll attract an individual that will match yourself based on your fully-encompassing energy that you’ve created as YOU.  It’s precisely when you don’t actually need that person that they’ll appear in your life because it’s in this moment that you feel whole again after being separated from Source, from all that is.


Q:  What’s an exercise that would benefit two people practicing Sacred Sexuality?


A:  The most important thing that a couple can do is to build trust between each other.  Use trust as the foundation of what you wish to experience together.  When you truly trust your partner, there’s no reason that you can’t open your soul and reveal it to the other person.  This is what is most sacred in your relationship. A very important exercise to build trust between each other is by taking turns falling back into the other person’s arms. This builds trust and opens the heart at the same time.  As the person standing in front begins to lean back (like a back bend from the waist), they open their arms out to the sides (90 degree angle) and open their chest cavity saying, “I love you, I trust you.”  The person behind them says, “I accept your love, I accept your trust,” as they hold their left hand on the center back and their right hand on the center of the chest.  If the partner is willing to experiment with this exercise, it could be a turning point for some couples.  This may foster a commitment into a higher level of relationship with each other, or perhaps a realization that you want to experience a deeper level and this person is not able to meet you there.  This is a very expansive, healing exercise which can take a relationship in either direction.


~ We’re creating a book on Sacred Sexuality with a release date of Spring 2016, following with group retreats at sacred sites focusing on inner alchemy which supports Sacred Sexuality and utilizes the energy created with these practices. 



Astarte is a channel, psychic, and healer, and Eriene is an herbalist and flower essence

practitioner in Santa Fe. They work together bringing forth communication from a group of inter-dimensional light beings to answer questions for the collective.

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