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Heart and Business - July 2015 - Santa Fe

Brilliance Requires Resilience

By Heather Robertson


Life has a tendency of stretching us when we least expect it.  It is essential to learn how to effectively manage our internal landscape in order to make optimal choices in the outside world. By embracing a heart centered practice and our well-being, we can learn to listen to our intuition and cultivate a path of resilience beginning on the inside - evolving our experiences into life changers. When we develop the skills necessary to stretch, motivate, and integrate life experience paired with heart-felt trust and awareness, we live more fulfilling lives and naturally fall into our brilliance.  We naturally live in happiness.


Resilience is the ability to spring back into shape when we are stretched thin by constant external demands and opinions. Resilience in the modern day requires us to be deeply connected to who we are like never before.  While we are both moving at a rapid pace and navigating the flurry of the digital landscape we have the potential to lose who we really are quicker than ever.  From my perspective, it is vital we anchor into our core, clear our mind and heart of internal conflicts, and allow ourselves the potential for connecting to our external world in a whole new way.  It requires us to examine the resilience within our relationships to ourselves and to others and where we hold resistance. We must become resourceful and maintain the resiliency within our energy flow to be accountable and to stay focused and present when an opportunity arises for us to evolve.


For example, when we "just feel" we should or shouldn't move forward with a certain action and follow-through with that internal communication we develop skills to gracefully and effectively engage in the world with purpose and clarity.  This is a life changer.  If we take a moment to listen to our internal gauge, we can be navigated in an evolutionary manner.  It keeps you healthy, focused, present, compassionate, and operating from a place of love for yourself as opposed to fear.


Life requires tough choices. It requires us to hold steady even when the rest of the world says "you are wrong," or "you will regret this decision,” or "you are crazy."  A resilient person remains aware of their thoughts, naturally remains positive in the face of conflict or challenge, and holds steady.  When we are positive and mindful of others, we allow ourselves the opportunity to have an open dialogue where we can actively hear each other.  


We do not live life to please others; we live life to evolve into our full potential.  Potential may seem vague as it can be an overused word, however in simplest terms, we are energy and brilliance lives in all of us. How we evolve and harness that brilliance is up to us.  For some the brilliance is sleeping inside and for others it's on fire.  To engage our brilliance while moving in the world of business requires resilience.  It requires commitment and it requires your truest self to show up fully to any situation you are faced with. 


So why is your brilliance so important and why now?

We are surrounded with choices, opportunity, quick outcomes, and fluctuating levels of stress.  I often say small clear quick moves will propel your business versus long arduous moments of procrastination waiting for the "right time".   The more we understand and trust how to shine our light, our brilliance, the more we can see the path ahead and move with power and grace.


Next time you are navigating a tough decision or planning next steps take a short moment and think about what motivates your decision.  Is it your external gauge telling you what you should do? If so, try trusting your internal voice, your heart, because more often than not it knows what is best for you.  Gentle reminder: The heart communicates faster than the speed of logic. It is vital we prioritize what matters most for the well being of our minds, our bodies, and hearts.  In this context it is the health of your internal landscape.  Cultivate your brilliance - when you do so, the outside world will respond effortlessly.


To your brilliance inside and out,



Heather Robertson E-RYT, CTC, CF is an entrepreneur, facilitator, and mentor, with endless commitment to presence and purpose within business and life. She is owner of Wide Awake by Design, located in 

Santa Fe, NM.  


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