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FEATURE - May 2015 - Santa Fe

Un-Earthing our Spiritual-Emotional Guidance

By Kadimah Levanah


We live in a society that has been built to keep us busy and distracted. Between work/family schedules, the pull of technology, the limitations of Western time structures, and a constant barrage of artificial stimuli, it is possible to live our lives steeped completely in thought processes of “what’s next” and how to fulfill our daily commitments. For much of my life, as many healing practitioners and independent body-workers can identify with, I experienced both the deep challenges and the vital freedoms that came with leading my own healing practice, often run out of my home. The rhythm of my life was rarely predictable as I worked and healed with the ebb and flow of my business and clientele. For much of my life, I lived with both the privilege and the poverty of having flexible schedule and undulating work. One thing my life never encompassed on it’s roller-coaster ride: the mundane. 


In the past year, as I have opened a healing storefront in downtown Santa Fe, there has been a major shift in my day to day lifestyle. Epic relief and the stifling mundane entered my life on the same wind-current. 


As rigid-time structures have come into my life, I have welcomed the “mundane” in a different capacity than ever before. As I have become married to a daily routine (intense and demanding as a small business-owner), I have had to restructure my understanding of how I experience  day to day interactions and the ability to unleash my inner-knowing within a time and space-driven structure, very much a part of this distracting world. As healers and light-workers, I think we can all attest to the deeper knowing and flow that has the potential to bring amazing things and experiences into our lives: these often occur outside the context of mundane routines and strict schedules. And so, it has begged me to question within myself: What does it mean to live on the radical edge of intuition on a day to day basis? What would it mean to unearth the radical mundane? In order to understand this, I have had to dig deeply into internal chemistry to interrogate what it means to live from a deep heart-place regardless of what day to day experiences define our lives: Creating a structure, a sanctuary where people can surrender to the peace and calm that a walk-in healing storefront offers has allowed me to present everyday spirituality to the flow of life, a hearth, a warm place for travelers and the village people of Santa Fe and surrounding areas to come home and relax into feeling nourished to love and cherish themselves. Releasing stress we can remember to be at home with ourselves and access tenderness and acceptance so that we can begin to feel our emotional guidance system. We soften the barriers that have adapted us to exist in a culture that often demands us to focus externally and achieve and be independent. We are pioneering living from our heart within a culture that often demands us to compromise our deepest values in order to survive. Now we are striving to thrive and create a balanced life of prosperity and abundance and interdependence. How can we have everyday spirituality within the context of breaking the barriers that have mprisoned us? 


Every day we have the opportunity to live life from our deep inner knowing. Listening to the profound wisdom that resides within our heart, our portal to connect to tenderness and vulnerability, we breathe magic into our life.  We can trust ourselves by being in full presence with our emotional guidance system. Our feelings are the antennae to discover what we know to be true for us. The deeper we feel, the more we can fully be in presence with our life force. Our emotions compel us to dive deep into our vulnerability and tenderness with ourselves, opening us to receive the subtle emanations and messages of wisdom that guide our path with clarity and grace. Fully experiencing strong emotions such as anger and rage can clear our murky thought spaces and transform them into embodying our strength and full power. Dropping in with our sadness and grief unveils our longings for profound connection and love. When we fully surrender and experience our feelings, we come to know what led us astray from intimately interacting and expressing what is true for us. From this place we can correct with a deep knowing what is true and integral as our next best step that resonates with our spiritual selves. The veils of illusion that are present due to familial and cultural patterning dissolve fully embrace and experience our emotional body. As we feel, we heal and experience the ecstasy of presence in the moment. When we are distracted by our minds, we can know that attentiveness to our feelings will guide us back to ourselves. This act of surrendering to our feelings is a spiritual everyday path that leads us to live an authentic life in the full expression of who we are. 


The experience of unveiling our emotions so that we feel our authenticity gives us the confidence to know and create the daily structures within the “mundane” that meet our deepest needs. Individually and collectively we are stepping into spiritual activism, gaining our full power and momentum for heart entered living in our day-to-day lives.

Kadimah Levanah is a healer, mother, and spiritual activist in Santa Fe, NM. Her downtown healing center, “The Santa Fe Oxygen and Healing Bar”, aims to bring people from all sectors of life together to 

experience personal and community healing.


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