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Blue bonnets in Fredericksburg, TX / photo credit Jill Dutton



Spring Forward


Reprinted with permission from the author.

by James Ferrell

How it works


Observing seasonal changes is a simple way of relating more closely to the nature around us - increasing our awareness, and maximizing the benefits that ensue. It is also an opportunity to improve our awareness and appreciation of our own transformation in the year. Research has shown that 10 minutes in nature is enough to reduce stress and anxiety and that 25 minutes can restore our attention and enable us to be more imaginative and creative. We can use this extra imagination and creativity to partner with nature in our planning for the coming year.

What to do

Find some quiet time outdoors in springtime. Use your senses to observe nature stirring around you.

Spring is a time for new growth. Notice shoots, light greens, breeding bird song, insects.

Rain, warmer sun and quieter winds. Tune into your senses of smell and hearing.

What connects the beginnings of life you are noticing with things that may be beginning in your own life? What is awakening in you? What do you intend for the year ahead.


List of practices


              • Autumn renewal

              • Awesome!

              • Being grateful

              • Be kind

              • Beside the seaside

              • Break herbs!

              • Centring

              • Draw something

              • Early memories

              • Falling leaves

              • Green fingers

              • Lay in the grass

              • Miniature marvels

              • Natural beauty

              • Pining for wellbeing

              • Repeat walk

              • Sensurround

              • Spring forward

              • Summer senses

              • Winter wonder



Being in Nature: inspiring new book extolling the virtues of the great outdoors, TEDx Talk author shares mindful practices


Passionate about his subject matter, James Farrell’s Being In Nature reinforces the content of his TEDx Talk and offers readers 20 mindful practices, all of which unleash the benefits of the great outdoors, and explain the science that underpins his recommendations


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Compelling and bursting with positivity, there’s no better time to embrace the wisdom contained in this highly original mindfulness pocket-guide, which has been written to assist its readers, and our planet, to thrive.



Unlock the benefits of the great outdoors with this unique set of 20 mindful practices.

·       20 simple practices to connect with nature

·       Inspired by wildlife, and accompanied by beautiful colour illustrations

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·       Ideas of what we can each do to look after the planet.

Using this book little and often could benefit your health, wellbeing and relationships - and inspire you to protect the natural world!

The author says:


“Science shows it’s not just the time we spend outdoors that counts, but what we do. For example, taking time to stop and notice the nature around us helps us feel calmer, happier and more satisfied with life.”


Published by Nature Connection Books, Being In Nature is available in paperback (currently £7.36 / RRP £9.99) on Amazon at


James Farrell's connection to nature began in early childhood. Hunting for spiders in walls on the way to school, led to a career in nature conservation and the environment. James has managed a Shetland Isle, studied birds in Borneo, and led environmental policy, partnerships and programmes across England for a range of organisations. James is also an accredited coach with specialities in coaching with nature, and the science of nature and health. He is co-Founder of The Human Nature Partnership, Director of The Natural Coaching Company, and he works at a government agency. 

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