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Stephanie Red Feather

Award-Winning Author, Shamanic High Priestess & Non-Traditional Spiritual Minister


Rev. Dr. Stephanie Red Feather is a divine feminine change agent and champion of empaths. An award-winning author of the #1 international best-seller, The Evolutionary Empath, her passion is to help fellow sensitive souls break out of energetic jail and fully embrace their soul’s calling as co-creators of new earth consciousness. Stephanie is the founder and director of Blue Star Temple, an online resource for spiritual seekers to learn energetic skills, hone empathic abilities, access spiritual knowledge, and connect with cosmic consciousness. Her specialties include masculine-feminine balance, boundaries, energy hygiene, shadow work, shamanic consciousness, embodiment, and celestial mysteries. She loves creating spiritual tools to empower sensitive souls on their journey of awakening.


Stephanie’s life has been an unusual fusion of creativity, spirituality and hard science, first attending a performing arts school in adolescence, then earning a degree in applied mathematics before becoming an Air Force officer. She holds a Master’s and Doctorate in shamanic studies from Venus Rising University and has been a mesa carrier in the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition of Peru since 2005. Her uncommon talent of bridging left- and right-brain worlds amplifies her ability to make esoteric concepts accessible and practical. Stephanie is also a contributing author to the #1 best-sellers Chaos to Clarity and The Ultimate Guide to Self-Healing Volume 2.


Services and products offered:

  • Shamanic healing and clearing, cord cutting, soul retrieval

  • Integrative energy therapies (such as Reiki, crystals, sound, guided imagery)

  • Voice Dialogue (parts work)

  • Oracle card readings

  • Home and office clearings/blessings

  • Facilitator of the Priestess Process™

  • Ongoing classes, workshops, women’s circles and speaking engagements both in-person and virtual

  • Ceremonies (weddings, funerals, rites of passage, any special event)

  • The Evolutionary Empath (book)

  • The Ultimate Guide to Self-Healing Volume 2 (book)

  • Chaos to Clarity: Sacred Stories of Transformational Change (book)

  • The Art & Practice of Energetic Clearing: Tools & Techniques for Cleansing Self, Space and Stuff (Video home study course)

  • The Embodiment How-To Manual and Workbook (PDF download)

  • Multiple guided meditations (grounding, centering, chakra clearing, etc.)


Stephanie Red Feather





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