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Feeling Stuck? In a Rut? Overwhelmed and Not Sure How or Where to Start Making Changes?

Life coach and international speaker, Londa Lundstrom teaches others how to say yes to a more fulfilling life


What world is this we are living in? The pandemic forced people to rethink their lives and make massive changes. So, why are you feeling “stuck in yuck” when others seem to charge full speed ahead into new adventures? Others are learning how to live a life focusing on what really matters, and so can you.  


“It’s truly heartbreaking to see how many people die with dreams and hopes that never come to life because they didn’t know how to get started,” comments Londa Lundstrom, author of Living With A Yes In Your Heart: How One Word Can Change Your World. She adds, “We all walk through crises and difficulties. Let’s get you unstuck by coming up with a strategic plan!”  


She adds, “Statistically, every single person goes through a life crisis every 18 months. The way the world has accelerated, now it seems more like every 18 days. Right now, you may be wondering: “Do I pay for gas or buy food for my children?” The average hard working person is dealing with consistent stress. We can either let life crush us or we can crush it.” 


Meet your new friend, Londa. 

Lundstrom is a true Renaissance woman with life wisdom and many talents. In addition to writing, the mother of three and step-mom is an award-winning composer, producer, songwriter, minister and mentor. For over 57 years, her parents Lowell and Connie Lundstrom have been well-known Christian leaders and communicators. As a teen, Lundstrom appeared with her family on 12 national TV specials that reached millions of viewers. By age 14, she was also their musical director while they traveled much of each year. 


And while she also leads a non-profit,  Lundstrom is quick to point out her life’s purpose. “I’m a passionate encourager,” she says. “It’s smart to reach up for help when we know something is wrong, and we’re feeling frustrated, hurt, or overwhelmed. We all have the same needs. I help people achieve their dreams. Transformation happens because I help people shift their focus to what really matters.” 


Say “yes” to getting unstuck 

Do you ever just want to hide and disappear? “If you look at everything going on around us in the world, your bills, worries about your family, you may feel like never getting out of bed,” says Lundstrom. “Typically a child’s first word is ‘no’. I want to teach you how to say yes, instead.” Her book is filled with clear strategies for boldly moving forward in life, with purpose. 


Her tips include: 

  • Say yes! “Yes is more than a simple word. It is an attitude and a way of living. It’s a war cry and a shout. Likewise, say no to cynics. Stand against the people who can compromise your own thinking and put doubt in your mind. Believe that your story matters, your life matters. Believe that you can make a difference in this world. If you don’t believe it, no one else will.”

  • Say yes to “me” time. “Schedule time for yourself every day. Don’t allow yourself to be pulled off focus by someone else’s emergency,” she cautions. “Most people put every commitment, every meeting, every important event in the world on their schedule .. and in the process miss the all-important time for themselves. Highly successful people understand the importance of carving out time in their schedule just for themselves, to recharge spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically.” 

  • Say yes to being kind to you. “We’re super hard on ourselves. We make ourselves crazy by our mistakes. We allow what other people think about us to rule our decisions, what we do, and how we operate.  Most of the time, we’re way more tolerant and forgiving of others than we are to ourselves. We need to reorder those priorities.” 

  • Say yes to health. “Staying healthy and strong is important so you have the energy and passion to live, work, help others, be there for your family and accomplish your life’s mission.”   

  • Say yes to the truth. “There is right and wrong, good and evil, truth and lies. We get to choose to be part of the solution or part of the problem. Life is hard. We all walk through crises and difficulties. There are broken people. I am broken. Secrets make us sick. 

  • Say yes to living intentionally with a grateful heart. “I have found this to be a clear determining factor, both in the lives of those who “fly” successfully above the circumstances of life, as well as for those who are crushed under the very same circumstances. Think about it: Both face the same issues in life, but the results of their responses are vastly different.” 


And finally … 

  • Say yes to a “break up” with the past. “I often say: “You can’t do anything about five minutes ago.” It’s true. The past is just that. Done. Over. Gone. Adios Bye-bye. Turn the page. The past is in the rear-view mirror. If there is something that needs to be addressed then move forward with laser focus and do it!”


Londa Lundstrom is a speaker, teacher, author, motivator, musician, songwriter, award-winning composer and producer. “Living With A Yes In Your Heart” is her first book. The oldest of Lowell and Connie Lundstrom’s four children, she grew up traveling across the nation, living in a bus over 300 days a year with her family. She compares her family to the Christian version of the Partridge family. Throughout the years, she has traveled the world speaking, written hundreds of songs and is responsible for producing many albums and CDs. 

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