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The Future is Yours​


By Betty Ann Dean


Spiritual teachers come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, just as in any other profession. Recently I had an opportunity to hear Raymon Grace, a self-described “hermit” from the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia and author of  The Future is Yours present his thoughts on working with the mind to change our thoughts, beliefs, and life patterns. Direct, to the point, and not one to sugarcoat anything, I loved the authenticity of this kind man and his no-frills presentation.  

In the introduction to The Future is Yours he states:

“This book is blunt, down to earth, and to the point. It may not be eloquent, and the Queen’s English may be butchered severely…You will not need a dictionary to read this book, because I never use a long word if a short one will do the job.No apologies are made….The purpose of this book is to get you, the reader, to think, and to imagine what you could do if you had more mental abilities. Next is to convince you that you do have these abilities, you just have to cultivate and learn how to use them. With these abilities comes the responsibility to use what you have in a respectful manner to improve your life, your family, and your community. These abilities can also be used to heal the Earth and our environment, of which we are a product. If the Earth is sick, and we are part of the Earth, then can we be totally well?”


Grace began his healing work in a class in 1973 taught by Jose Silva, author of The Silva Method of Mind Control. Having had a very conservative religious background in his youth, the things he heard in Silva’s class seemed foreign to him at first and contradicted most of what he had learned in church. But, as he says, “Something inside of me kept saying, “This is true.” As he began to learn healing techniques, he found many opportunities to practice during his days working in construction. His co-workers began to seek him out to help heal their injuries and eventually began to ask him to assist their family members and friends. When asked how he knew he could heal a person or a situation, he replies, “Well, I didn’t know I couldn’t.”


Three principles are the basis for Raymon’s work:

  1. All things are energy, and the intelligent mind can affect that energy.

  2. Energy is impressed upon matter.

  3. Energy follows thought (he plays a Willie Nelson song with those lyrics during the workshop, making one wonder if they have met!)


He begins with a discussion of brain frequency.  Frequency is merely the speed at which an element vibrates, and each element has its own vibrational frequency. A discussion of brain frequencies could fill an entire book, but the important thing to know to understand Grace’s work is that these frequencies change and vibrate differently throughout our lives. The ideal frequency to add power to your thoughts is the alpha frequency.  That’s the one that artists and creatively gifted people can access so easily. When we can train ourselves to work in the alpha frequency, it’s easier to meditate, relax, imagine, and manifest. Dreaming happens when the brain is in the alpha frequency. When we employ our senses we are able to function in the alpha frequency. To help the class understand what it’s like to be in that alpha state, Raymon leads the class in experiencing a watermelon–imagining picking the perfect one from the field, looking at the color, feeling the texture of the rind, cutting into the center of it, smelling the richness of it, and of course, the tasting of that perfect slice. 


Raymon Grace is perhaps best known all over the world for his water project, using dowsing to clear water systems. The water project began when he began to try to increase the energy of a glass of water through dowsing. He first used a Native American ritual of increasing the energy of the water by offering it to the Four Directions. Over time, this work expanded to larger and larger bodies of water and he has now cleaned up ponds, creeks, wells, and even the Ganges River in India.

He says,” Each day there is less drinkable water on the Earth. Each day there are more people drinking and polluting it. This is a trend that cannot continue indefinitely. It may continue until there are no humans left to pollute it. Most people today were never taught to respect the natural things that are necessary for our survival.”


The book is full of “Raymon-isms”.  Here are a few of my favorites:


The bottom line is this: If you can relax your body and mind enough to focus your thoughts and use vivid visualization, you can perform miracles.


Your body listens when your brain is thinking and your mouth is talking. 


Don’t claim ownership of your illness. Eliminate all phrases and thoughts that don’t empower you.


Think of what you want, not what you don’t want. Don’t put your energy into what you don’t want. You can create a disaster as well as a positive outcome.


Eliminate the words “I’m sorry” from your vocabulary. Constantly saying “I’m sorry” weakens your body.


Don’t ask for anything, give thanks for everything. If you ask you are saying you don’t have it, if you give thanks you’re saying you do.


Think of the type of person you want to be every day. Speak as if you are that person, act as if you are that person. You become that person. We can attract the future we want.


If it doesn’t solve a problem, make me happy or make me prosperous, I don’t do it.


Pessimists are seldom disappointed.


I could go on and on with countless examples of Raymon’s plainspoken wisdom. I appreciated the authenticity of this man as well as his clear passion for making the world a better place.  He admits that he doesn’t own a suit and tie, he puts on his best jeans and hat when he has to be dressed up. But the influence that this “hermit” has had all over the world is amazing! So many times we think we don’t know enough, aren’t “polished” enough or have to have years of special training to help others. Think of what we could accomplish if each of us believed we could use our abilities to “do something” and had confidence in our power to make a change.

How would your life be different if you began to say “Well, I didn’t know that I couldn’t….”?


Betty Ann Dean, R.N., B.S.N., has worked in various settings as a registered nurse. In 2008 she began to explore energy medicine as taught by Donna Eden as a way of healing the body in addition to traditional medicine. She is certified as a practitioner of Bowenwork, a hands-on healing therapy, and brings a rich background of corrective exercise to her healing modalities as a result of her 10 years of experience as a personal trainer. In 2020, Betty Ann was certified at the Masters level as a medical intuitive and continues to study with her mentor, Tina Zion.


Her practice, Vibrant Bodyworks, is located in Liberty, MO, and Parkville, MO. 


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