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FEATURE - October 2018

The Law of AttrACTION

By Ben Jamison


Widely known in pop-spirituality, the Law of Attraction is an entry point for many spiritual seekers onto a spiritual path. Unfortunately, due to only a surface level understanding of this Law, many leave spiritual practices again when what they think the Law of Attraction is doesn’t work for them. Looking at a picture of a mansion for twenty minutes each day doesn’t magically drop said mansion in one’s lap. (Thankfully. That would hurt!) The Law of Attraction requires more than vision boards. By understanding the action that the law of Attraction requires, practitioners of all levels can more powerfully use this spiritual tool.

However, before we get into looking at what internal and external actions we can take to active this Law, we must first ensure that what we are using the Law to attract to us is aligned spiritually. The Law of Attraction is a Universal Law of Spirit. As such, any desire we bring to the Law of Attraction that isn’t aligned with Spirit will, at best, fail to manifest. Worse, we do manifest our desire along with significant karma. 

Spirit is unconditionally loving, never inflictive, and gives freely of Itself to all of us all the time. Spirit is the true nature of everyone. To ensure our desires align with Spirit, we must ask two questions. Does my desire harm, directly or indirectly, anyone or anything; and, do I want this same desire for everyone else?

Given that Spirit is non-inflictive, any desire that harms is unaligned with Spirit. Furthermore, Spirit is all there is. It is the Life lived by all of us, so any harm intended toward anyone is also harm intended toward Spirit and ourselves as well. Indirect harm, such as, “Once I get this thing, I’ll show them,” also disqualifies a desire. 

Since Spirit gives freely of Itself to everyone all the time, any desire that you want for yourself but would withhold from others is also unaligned. A Law based on freely giving can’t be used to withhold. Furthermore, if you desire something, you obviously think that thing would be beneficial. Is it not harmful to withhold something beneficial from others? 

Once you’ve made sure your desire is aligned with Spirit, there are internal and external actions to take. Creating a vision board is an external action. Contemplating the vision board daily is an internal action. However, there are many more internal and external actions we can take in the activation of the Law of Attraction.

External Action--Engaging What You Want

If you’re attracting a car, go test drive the car even if you can’t afford it just yet. If you want to buy a house, start going to open houses. If it is a relationship, go where couples go and begin observing them to create your list of what you want in a relationship. Actually write a list.

Internal Action—Claim It

While you are test driving or open housing or observing loving, connected relationships, claim the experience as yours. While you test drive the car, bring the mentality that the dealer is actually a friend and you are showing off your new car. Mentally place your furniture in the house you’re viewing. Intentionally generate the feeling of being in a loving relationship within yourself.

External Action—Acting As If

You may have heard this suggestion before and found it frustrating. How do I act as if I have the wealth I’m trying to manifest without that wealth? I like to schedule “and so it is” dates. Engage a confidant in your manifestation process and have conversations with them about your desired manifestation as if it had already manifested. Of course, you need to pick this person carefully. They must be open to the miraculous and playing deep with you.

Internal Action—Acting As If

Ask yourself, “How would I be thinking and feeling if my desire were already here?” and then intentionally think those thoughts and feel those feelings.

There are many internal and external actions we can take while engaging the Law of Attraction; but, we must take action! Most importantly, show up to those actions with a positive expectancy and gratitude for the manifestation already complete!

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Ben Jamison is a dynamic speaker and author for today's emerging spirituality. In his book, Church-Free Spirituality: How to Craft a Spiritual Practice Beyond the Bounds of Religion, Ben empowers a new generation of seekers to take ownership of their spirituality (with or without organized religion) and create their own personalized spiritual practice. Ben is a licensed spiritual counselor through Centers for Spiritual Living and holds a Masters degree in Spiritual Psychology. 


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