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Multi-Dimensional Mastery - July 2016 - Santa Fe

The Power of Energized Relationships 

By Dr. Judy Scher

I have just returned from a trip to Washington DC where I work with a non-profit group called Voice for H.O.P.E. (Healers of Planet Earth).  The organization sets up appointments with state representative offices - in my case New Mexico Senator Martin Heinrich’s office and Congressman Ben Lujan’s office - as part of what they call ‘Citizen Healer’ Training.  In the event the representative is not available, we meet with a strategic staff member.  This is how I met Andrea Mares and Kimberly Espinosa, representing each office respectively.  Staff are often the gate keepers to the Representative. Their job is to listen to concerns, opinions, and requests. However, with the Voice for H.O.P.E. model we go in to show support, with the desire to become an active resource for the representative.  Since the staff members are used to giving answers-on-demand for the numerous requests that they get, this conversation created a completely different energetic dynamic. How do I know this occurred? 


Once piece of evidence was the amount of time we were given.  In both meetings, we ended up being given double the time that was actually scheduled.  And when asked if they needed to go (which they did), they responded with, “No, it’s okay”. The simple message that we delivered was that there is a large percentage of people in Santa Fe that utilize and have a high regard for what we call complementary, integrative and alternative medicine and we felt that these key state representatives should know that.  With complete sincerity Ms. Mares and Ms. Espinosa said they were not aware of that fact and they were glad to be informed about this.


Those of us directly involved with the healing arts in Santa Fe may be shocked to learn that our state Senate and Congressional offices do not know how much support there is in the public for alternative and complementary medicine; from chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, and yoga to hands on healing, sound healing, meditation, energy medicine and other disciplines that directly impact an individual’s quality of life.  These offices were unaware that many Santa Fe citizens are often paying out of pocket to receive these services because they value them so much.


I was there to initiate and open a conversation by informing them of this, asking how I can be a resource to their office. This is not the only way to address these issues, but it brings up an important point. Our political system is basically set up to expect tension and confrontation.  Imagine if those people who are there to serve their constituents (meaning us), were able to have an experience that added energy to their day. Imagine if we, by our actions, could show them a different way by nurturing an experience; an uplifting relationship which is supported. 


There are certainly times to confront and draw a line.  However, there are many more opportunities in life where we can add energy to our relationships with individual people or groups.  We are impacted and many times even transformed by how we interact with people.  Think of a time when you missed an important meeting and were feeling disappointed and someone smiled at you and wished you a wonderful day authentically. That seemingly little thing can uplift you enough for you to smile back and even feel your energy become stronger and more available. 


It’s amazing how much we can influence and impact the people and situations around us by setting an intention to energize the space we are in and our relationships, rather than to drain them.  With this change in intention we can expect a different result.


As a result of our encounter at the representatives’ offices, I was given more time than allotted, I was given suggestions on how to reach out to our local office and make connections there.  I was invited to contact the senator’s scheduler so he can be aware of any events that I was offering or that the community was having where it would be a contribution for him to attend. They wanted to support us.  They genuinely wanted to find out what’s really important in the community so that it can be supported.  This is the way to create an energized and potent connection which will be in place in the event that lobbying and legislation are desired later on. How much easier it is to energize a relationship than to fight the system.  How are you energizing your life and the relationships around you?

Judy Scher, D.C. is Director of the Scher Center in Santa Fe since 1992. She is an international teacher, workshop leader, and keynote speaker. The Scher Center utilizes cutting edge reorganizational healing tools including Network Spinal Analysis Care. For more info go to

or call 505 989-9373. Live Wild. Live Wise. Celebrate the Magic of an Integrated You.

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