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FEATURE - October 2018 

The Soul Cleansing Journey


By Jae Tafari 


“After attempting three suicides by the time I was 18 years old, dropping out of college, and being diagnosed with America's most common diseases, I was at an all-time rock bottom. Self-discovery and the power of energy healing saved my life, literally.”

Hello, Beloveds.

My name is Jae, and I want to share with you the transformative and ground-breaking journey that took me out of the valley of death and into a world of unfathomable love. If you’re anything like me—multicultural, female, mother, child, sister, or simply human, then perhaps our paths can connect in ways that will help us gravitate toward the remedies of quality living. In this article, I will offer a few practical steps to cleanse your soul from the weight of our collective trauma and some easy Chakra Balancing affirmations for you to add to your toolbox. 

Did you know that 50 percent of Americans (65 percent for Black Americans) are expected to encounter at least one traumatic experience in their lifetime? With a number this high, how do we even begin a healing process for mankind? We are all the essence of pure energy. Every encounter–directly or indirectly–affects our flow as a whole. As one person experiences trauma, the correlation of all energy is shared. 

The main practices of energy healing that I exercise are meditation, movement, and botanical remedies. They have shifted my life more than ever imagined. I grew up with a naturopathic mother treating us with Goldenseal instead of Dayquil and diagnosing our headaches by measuring our amount of sleep, hydration, or nourishment. I also come from an artistic family. We dance, we sing, we draw, we write, we design; we simply create. One of the best mechanisms I have uncovered is the art of gifted remedies. All of these practices make an imprint on our energetic alignment because it nourishes our soul’s authentic nature; keeping us closer to our divine purpose on earth. 

My mom placed a purple tapestry of the “om” symbol on my wall. She explained that it means internal tranquility, which is what I desperately needed. I left for college and got my first tattoo. I chose that very same “om” symbol from my room in junior high. Although I didn’t fully understand this symbology, I knew that if I wanted to find peace within myself, then I was going to need a reminder everywhere I went. 

It’s been almost 20 years since I fell victim to premature adversities and almost seven years since I dropped out of college. Scarred and wounded with childhood PTSD and America’s top STD amongst young adults, I now recognize the path that lead me into despair stemmed from a broken-hearted child. There I was, between the ages of five and 11 and exposed to the vicious behaviors of the human psyche by the kids in my West African dance group, making me their guinea pig for their sexual curiosities. 

Undoubtedly, I became uncontrollable and outrageous. My emotions ran in circles of confusion and resentment. I turned the other cheek; trying to escape the nauseating torment of my own brokenness. After years of falling in love with lust, limelight, and the certainty that came with non-commitment, there finally came a moment where I questioned whether life was happening for my highest good, or if it was time to become the change that I wished to see.

I was 19 years old, back home with mom and so disconnected from myself, I hardly recognized who I was at first glance. I picked up a book on Self-Parenting and desperately absorbed a new style of healing. This was the first step in the direction of becoming who I was intended to be. 

The Most Valuable Priorities (MVPs) to a Soul Cleansing Journey:

Step 1: Acknowledge the Inner Conflict
First let go of any denial that is blinding from the truth.

Step 2: Accept It As It Is 

There is nothing that can be done to change what has happened in the past. Releasing the weight of the unchangeable clarifies what is controllable and what needs serenity.

Step 3: Answer the Lesson Behind It All

Everything can teach us something, if we allow it. Let this step forward be the next best thing that happens. 

As the years passed, I met a kindred spirit who showed me a level of unconditional love and forgiveness I had not seen before. We matured together, from partners to parents. I had no choice but to rebuild, re-teach, and re-balance my entire life’s foundation. I needed to align my values and actions to express my highest potential. This invaluable lesson taught me the practice of Chakra Balancing; relieving myself from the burdens of shame, blame, guilt, and fear, and ending the cycles of traumatic suffering. 

Affirmations to Balance Your Chakras:

Root: Safety, Security, Comfort, Nurture

Sacral: Companionship with the Blessings, Benefits, Beauties 

Solar Plexus: Self-Will Power Leading Into Authentic Destiny

Heart: Forgiveness, Compassion, Creative Intuition

Throat: Words of Impeccability

Third Eye: Wisdom, Visual Strength, Intuitive Imagination

Crown: Living Freely, Fully and Deeply in Harmony with the Divine Spirit

God-Consciousness: All-Perfect, All-Loving Source of Grace & Mercy

I nourish my soul with conscious love by reciting these chakra affirmations every day.         I imagine myself rotating inside each of these colorful wheels of crystal dust; releasing myself from the weight of the world. In this moment, I am safe. In this moment, I am a light of promise and a trust so strong that the chains of pain and suffering can hold no longer. I enter a new life of freedom. I have finally found a peace within. 


This path has brought me to an abundance of hope and prosperity. It reminds me of the Truth that sets us free: Trust in the hands of the Divine Creator. We are perfect as we are, and we are here to make a difference. 



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Jae Tafari is a Kansas City native who recently moved to Colorado with her fiancé and their toddling toddler. Jae is a multicultural performing activist whose programs promote Herbal Remedies, Holistic Arts, and Sisters of Culture, Healing & F.A.M.E. Follow Jae on Instagram @JaeTafari, and join her @indiFEM.Empire

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