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FEATURE - October 2015 - Kansas City

The Wormhole Experience

By Stephanie Forcier CT/CAP


Here’s the thing: If you are reading this article, you are likely someone who is an explorer, open to new ideas, the infinite nature of our existence, and you are seeking a more profound spiritual connection. As spiritual explorers, we often become fascinated with the various spiritual tools available to us. We learn about and interact with crystals, spirit guides, angels, herbs, pendulums, tarot cards, meditative music…the list goes on. Perhaps you utilize these tools in environments that are in juxtaposition to exploration and then witness the energetic shift. In our journey today however, we will go a level deeper than these tools, as wonderful and fun and interesting as they may be.


As an explorer, you weave your way through a tremendous amount of energy each day. Here on this planet, we physically experience gravity, density and the energy of the elements. And that is life. That is earthly existence, neutral in its nature, yet powerful in its forces. Today’s journey is about being in energetic alignment with our self, and navigating earthly forces and experiences from this place of strength and truth. So, let’s begin by peering through the wormhole; the bridge between space-time that connects you to your divine and the energy of alignment.


Foremost, one indicator of misalignment is when we can use words to describe our situation, and it is typically words like frustrated, stressed, stuck, and drained. Such words and the related feelings are the indicators of misalignment. There is no doubt that in our current collective consciousness the state of misalignment is more readily apparent, but is it really more prevalent? I invite you to personally challenge this notion in your consciousness. Step aside from what mainstream society and media is pointing toward and tune into your inner compass. You are a brilliant individual in an amazing collective of beings on an incredibly diverse blue orb in the middle of an expansive universe beyond your imagination. How dare you think you cannot shift into energetic alignment! So, let’s leave misalignment behind, for it will collapse our energetic wormholes.


Energetic alignment occurs when we not only realize our divine connection, but we experience it. The energy of empowerment and truth arise as we match the frequency of our true nature. We sense love, bliss and oneness simultaneously and to such a degree that it is difficult if not impossible to explain the experience in words. How very interesting that most native songs do not translate into the English language, because words fall short of the experience!


Immersing in nature supports our alignment because it reminds us of life, resets us in the understanding of cycles, and connects us with the spirit of exploration. But as you step outside, you are not simply getting fresh air, feeling the sun on your skin, or watching the bird fly. You are the air, the sun, and the bird. Music triggers our imagination, ignites our creativity, and transforms us. But, you are not just listening to a song, singing a song, or dancing to the song. You are the melody, the rhythm, the song itself. This is not just movement; this is a dance, a flow. And it is not outside of you, it is you. You are the movement, the dance and the flow. You are the experience.


Let’s consider yet another angle of being in energetic alignment. If you call to an angel or spirit guide and ask for support, protection, or confidence, you are calling forth energetic alignment. A true “angel” or “guide,” another unique expression of the universe, will hold that space for you until you realize there is no separation between you and them. There are no words to describe them, no names, and no characteristics. You become the angel. You become the guide, and they become you. The beings that are truly connected to the energy of alignment, which connects you to source, hold space for you to be the energy of support, protection, or confidence. In this way, you know yourself as supported and supportive, protected and protective, confident for yourself and others. This is inner peace.


So the idea here, the wormhole experience if you will, is that whatever spiritual tool you are utilizing or experiencing, you become the living realization of it. It is not something outside of you, rather part of your true energetic alignment. And if any tool or being is not in complimentary energetic frequency with you, it becomes no longer needed, no longer consulted, yet a glorious and valuable partner (albeit short-term) on your journey. That’s another really cool thing about energetic alignment: Releasing what isn’t a match becomes effortless as you are more and more in alignment – another indicator!


Practically speaking, how does one step into the wormhole of alignment and trust it not to collapse? How does one come into energetic alignment with oneself and maintain that space-time connection? Consider yourself the creator. Alignment strengthens the wormhole, misalignment collapses it. The wormhole is a vast tunnel of energy just waiting for you to dance through it, with it. Consider your favorite spiritual tool, close your eyes, and imagine that you are it. Become one with it, become it. Describe it with words until words fall short. Be sure to give yourself whatever space and time is needed with this energy. This is the energy that strengthens your wormhole and propels you on a luscious adventure through space-time. It is valuable to strengthen your familiarity to it. Next, repeat with another tool, another angel or guide, and so on.


What’s happening here!? Everyone is creating and existing in a place of energetic alignment.  Individuals are shifting. The collective consciousness is shifting. The earth is shifting. Space-time is becoming one as each wormhole explodes with the energy of alignment to source. Words…they no longer…describe. 

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Stephanie Forcier is a Certified Teacher and Advanced Practitioner of the Akashic Records with over a decade of experience. She is a spiritual explorer and relishes connecting with source and holding space for others to do the same. Stephanie actively offers certification classes, events, workshops, and personal sessions. Her website is currently in the wormhole, being re-created.  To contact Stephanie:, 816-260-2438 or

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