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FEATURE - May 2015 - Kansas City

There is Only One Path 

By Shane Knox


When I first heard of this as a topic for an article I had to stop and think about it for a moment to wrap my head around the concept. Not the concept of everyday spirituality, but rather that there was a perspective other than Spirit being not only woven into every aspect of our existence, but that everything in existence is a part of Spirit. As a Shaman it is impossible to separate the creation from the Creator, and in that awareness spirituality permeates every aspect of my awareness of the World around me and my interaction with it. There is no way that Spirit becomes separated from our everyday interactions, but  more that we lose our awareness of this amazing aspect of our experiences. In truth, everything in our lives is a step in a Divine Dance. Each of us are acting out the situations and circumstances our Souls have chosen within this lifetime and are using our freewill to navigate our way through the experience. This alone makes every single thing in existence, every choice, and every action we take a spiritual experience.  


The Shamanic path teaches us that every action we take holds a choice within it. We can either do that thing from a purely physical perspective, or we can do that thing for Spirit.  By removing the idea that there is a separateness we are able to step into a space where our entire life becomes a ritual and celebration of Spirit. When we see ourselves as one with the Divine we elevate even the simplest of actions into a grand ceremony. How could it be otherwise? Think about it. You are a Soul residing within a body. How could anything you do not be an act of  Spirit?  


So, sing for Spirit. Love for Spirit. Work for Spirit. Clean your house for Spirit. Go to the gym for Spirit. Scramble eggs for Spirit. In all you do, do it with the awareness that you are a limitless part of Spirit and that your Soul's journey and expression matter in every single moment.


Within this awareness you begin to realize that every action you take you are either doing something TO your Soul or FOR your Soul. In this moment all of your choices become simple.  


Do not fall into the trap of wondering what your path is or where it lies. You are standing in the middle of it right now. There is only one path and it leads back home for all of us. It is this physical existence that our Souls have chosen. Everything is part of Spirit.  Everything that you are. Everything that you experience. Everything that you do. Let yourself live within this knowing constantly and you will change the very World around you. This is the path of conscious living and the key to lasting joy.  


Beyond this, begin to see everything else as an equal part of Spirit and you will further change your interaction with the World around you. By honoring every individual, including their choices, as a part of the Divine you honor the truth of Spirit itsself. It is all things. You do not have to like or even participate in the actions others choose, but you will benefit yourself greatly by accepting that they too are a part of Spirit and that everything they do holds equal value as your own choices. There is a freedom in this awareness, and a responsibility.  


Know that all you do and all you are is a part of Spirit. Accept this truth for others as well.  By doing this you will elevate every single thing you do into an act of  Everyday Spirituality.

Shane Knox is the author of Spirit Message of the Day: 222 Inspirational Passages. He is an intuitive advisor and the owner of Sage Studio. A modern Shaman, who’s mission is to inspire people to find their greatest potential and then to live it.  


For 32 years Shane has advised and helped people from all around the world. Shane has studied and practiced with a wide variety of intuitives, energy workers, and wellness facilitators and has brought many of the ancient teachings into a modern context to fit today's society and it's demands.  


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Path Walker’s Creed

by Shane Knox


I honor and respect myself fully

just as I am. 

Though I may wish to change certain aspects of my life

I choose to value where I am here and now.


I vow to do my best in all situations and promise to value 

my efforts as much as my results.  I will balance strength of will

with gentleness of understanding in all areas of my life.

I will see the best in every situation. I will contribute to that best.


I vow to show myself to the World. 

My voice will rise into harmony with the choir of Spirit.


I will hold gratitude for everything that I experience, 

everything I am, everything that is.


I have decided to be happy.


I will embody compassion toward all beings. 

I will also hold personal boundaries and respect those of others.


I will always remember that I am part of creation.


I am a child of the Divine.


I am light.


©2015 Shane Knox


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