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Tuning Into Frequency

The Invisible Force That Heals Us and the Planet


By Sputnik Futures



Energy is one of the most uncharted but most exciting frontiers in science—especially as it comes to how it affects our minds, bodies, and the Earth itself. Energy is everywhere, and ‘tuning into’ the power of the frequencies surrounding us can heal and energize our bodies, minds, and the planet.


TUNING INTO FREQUENCY: The Invisible Force That Heals Us and the Planet (Tiller Press; Publication Date: November 3, 2020; Trade Paperback; $16.99) is a riveting guide to harnessing light, sound, and electromagnetic waves to improve our mental, physical, and spiritual health, as well as the well-being of our planet. Citing the latest research, the minds of Sputnik Futures explore cutting-edge discoveries from doctors, physicists, healers, ecologists, technologists, and thought leaders and explore how we can employ frequency to our minds and bodies.


TUNING INTO FREQUENCY compiles the latest science regarding the extraordinary power of these invisible frequencies, and suggests that it may be the key to a variety of improvements for our health, wellbeing, and struggling ecosystems.


For example, did you know:
-That your heart and your brain share an electromagnetic field?
-That trees can talk to each other?
-That sound can heal the body?
-That color affects your mood?
-That the sun can help fight depression?

With expert voices, bold discoveries, and engaging visuals, TUNING INTO FREQUENCY is a captivating guide to the forces that energize our bodies, our minds, and the planet.



Sputnik Futures is a research consultancy that specializes in frontier futures, long-range intelligence that enables organizations to resonate in a world of constant and dynamic change. Sputnik has a library of original video interviews with global thought leaders, from Nobel Prize winners to acclaimed innovators. Sputnik partners have provided strategic foresight consultation to cross-category multinational corporations for over twenty-five years, and are the founders of Alice in Futureland, a new media platform of books, podcasts, and events, delivering thought leadership at the intersection of art, science, technology, and culture.



Tiller Press |November 3, 2020 | Trade Paperback

ISBN-13: 9781982147945 | $21.99 USD $22.99 CAD

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