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FEATURE - February 2017 - Kansas City

Using Palmistry Basics for Better Relationships

by Sandy Jorgensen


It was the last performance of the year for the junior high school band at a time when my emotions were raw.  Instruments were being tuned while parents filled the bleachers. Saxophones played over violins and the drum banged, piercing my heart for tears to run. The audience silenced to sounds of young musicians, bringing the room together as a whole but soon our collective peace was shattered by a red faced man running in late, two bleachers at a time.


I noticed his short straight fingers indicating a quick and impulsive mind that may ignore details, and that he had sat next to an obviously annoyed elegant man with long knotted fingers. Long slender fingers that preferred punctuality and planning. The knots indicated analytical thought so it was likely he had arrived early. My tears turned to laughter. We're all musical instruments if only people knew the code for natural harmony. How do I know? I am a hand reader.


Palmistry is defined as 'divination by inspection of the palm of the hand; the art of telling a person's character and fortune by examination of the lines and configurations of the palm. This definition is why many think only a select few have this skill, although complicated in nature as humans are, it can be learned. Wouldn't it be nice to know how another person reacts to the environment and operates in the world to avoid conflict simply by observing their hands?  


Approaching a stranger and asking to see their palms for compatibility frightens many but there is an unspoken language on the outside of a hand.


A square, course hand tends to be honest, liking physical pleasures, usually doubting the unseen world while a slender palmed hand with long fingers and soft skin will be emotionally observant to their surroundings with a natural inclination towards books and imagination.


These are basic traits and not everyone will fit comfortably in the box so the trained palmist must consider other variables such as the length of fingers and shapes of nails. Short nail beds belong to high strung bossy types. They see the big picture, run in and out of the grocery store as fast as they can. Long nail beds belong to calmer people who take things slowly and like details. A lazy quality can sneak up on them because they tend to be sensual in nature. Another nail bed is the slender and long type that loves beauty and order. If you rearrange what they've done, you may cause arguments.


Each of us desires meaningful relationships and validation. We come together to learn life's lessons and to fulfill a purpose. The lines on our palms speak volumes. There are three basic lines, heart, head and life line.


The heart line represents our emotional nature and how we choose to love. It can be seen as a curved or straight line under the fingers.  Straight, the person is cautious in love, taking their time to get to know you because their emotions are guarded while the curved heart line is friendly yet emotional at times. They jump into relationships quicker than the straights.


Look to see if the line is short or long. I had issues with a woman for years because I thought she was uncaring until I saw her short heart line telling me she was cautious to a fault because it was hard for her to be vulnerable. Once I understood this, everything changed. These types need to feel secure with finances before friends. Don't expect them to call you first as they generally tend to have a “me first” attitude. The good news is that through internal reflection and forgiveness work, our lines will grow on the dominant hand.


Long heart lines are romantic and caring. They will call you to see how things are going and have days when they will feel ignored. If the line is deeply chained or broken, emotional pain is present. Find ways such as writing or walks in nature to release the tension, avoiding heart problems down the road.  


The head line is under the heart line, starting near the thumb, traveling across the hand. Head lines are not a measure of IQ; rather, how mental energy is directed and how we express our thoughts.


The life line must also be observed. It curves around the thumb, starting at the index finger and ending near the wrist. When the head line isn't attached to the life line, these people are risk takers who act impulsively. Headlines tied to the life line show on people that are reserved and may hesitate before taking chances. If your new partner has a short line, lectures and activities that require sitting will bore them. Better to go bowling, anything that moves the body as they love to be active, generally practical and may become specialists in their field.


Long headlines belong to people that have multiple interests and are always asking questions with a desire for lectures, meetings and classes.


Watch for straight or curved lines. I read a boy's hand with a straight head line, knowing this was a child that would meet deadlines in a headstrong way. Analytical and practical, he'd save money and work in an established company. He desired to be a banker with a sports car. His sensitive sister had a long curved line. She wrote poetry, and used her heart instead of her mind with decisions. I asked if she had an interest in healing and she said yes, she'd love to be a nurse but couldn't make up her mind as she also loved painting. The curved lines can dip into the area of the subconscious on the palm. Parents may see these children as procrastinators who meet deadlines right at the last minute. Curved types are intuitive business owners but need the straight lined folks for accounting work. It all balances out. 


"In arming yourself with this science, you arm yourself with a great power and you will have a thread that will guide you into the labyrinth of the most impenetrable hearts."

- Henri De Balzac

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Sandy Jorgensen is a freelance artist, curious mystic, teacher and part time intuitive palm reader. You may find her at many of the local Kansas City psychic fairs as well as private consultations in her home. For more information, follow her page on facebook at Mystic Afternoons. Contact email at

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