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Vegan Cooking for Two


A whopping 39% of Americans claim that while their diets are not fully plant-based, they eliminate as many animal-related products as possible as they strive to ultimately be vegan. It is clear that a growing number of Americans of all ages are choosing to eat and cook vegan food.

America's Test Kitchen released the most comprehensive vegan cookbook for smaller households- Vegan Cooking for Two. With over 200 recipes plus 300 clever ways to customize them, the book includes a collection of doable meals (many in under 45 minutes) and snacks heavy on flavor and light on effort. A Kitchen Improv feature with each recipe offers additional ideas for substitutions, flavor twists, level-ups, and make-ahead information when advance prep is possible.

Every recipe in Vegan Cooking for Two had to satisfy two conditions. First, the food needed to be flavorful, interesting, and truly satisfying. And second, the recipe had to be a practical option for a small plant-based family, taking into account portion sizes, cooking methods, and equipment. We also sought to minimize food waste by using up whole ingredients whenever possible and including handy shopping and food storage guides.

What you won’t find in this book are meals that leave you with a week’s worth of monotonous leftovers. What you will find are 200 irresistible recipes for everything from custardy French toast and packable veggie sandwiches to vibrant green fried rice and desserts both easy (like cookies you bake up at will) and special occasion-worthy (such as individual-size cakes dripping with a citrusy glaze).

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