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Multi-Dimensional Mastery - January 2017 - Santa Fe

We are in a Time for a Renaissance of the Wild Woman

Embracing and Celebrating our Wild Nature as a Spiritual Practice

By Dr. Judy Scher

Throughout history, she has always been there by the cooking stove, raising children, running households, matriarch to the clan, medicine woman, healer and visionary. 


Sometimes she did her magic behind the scenes, living her truth silently, guiding with deeds and actions rather than with rhetoric.  Sometimes she was out in front, protecting the family, shedding tears for injustice, pounding her fists into the earth, into the air, both heard and seen, bringing her vision into reality against a current of suppression.


When I bring up the topic of the Wild Woman at talks that I give, women in the audience inevitably smile and even laugh. There’s an understanding of the truth of her before she’s even talked about.  We know what we know.


The Wild Woman touches us deeply because she hits a chord within our very essence that is as tied to the spirituality of who we are; just as the ecstatic bliss of the Sufi dancer or the contemplative stillness of the Zen master seem inextricably tied to their person.  It is the mystical part of our nature that knows we are interconnected with all things, stars and earth, the hidden realms, all beings. And when that nature cannot sing, rise, cannot express and be herself, we suffer.


It is clearly time for a rising of the Wild Woman. It is time for her to be seen and heard and experienced for the force that she is.  She hasn’t gone away, she never could, though she’s gone somewhat underground. But this withdrawal of the Wild Woman was not an abandonment. Underground she’s been reorganizing herself into a ‘whole’ woman.  She has been moving into an integration of her power which she doesn’t have to prove. She knows her worth. The Wild Woman today is the woman who speaks out when no one else will, who takes action because she knows she can, who cares for those close to her as well as her community and the world.  The wild woman today knows wisdom; she knows how to cultivate it and how to nourish it.  And she does what she needs to do to stay strong. She values herself and so she gives herself what she needs to build her energetic structures, her fortitude, her grace and to fill her body with vitality.


To know the Wild Woman is to know that she accepts all of herself, she embraces the whole, she teaches the world that she can have it all.  She can wear as many hats as she wants, she doesn’t need to limit herself.  It’s her choice.  That’s the key. It’s her choice.


The Wild Woman has immense emotional, spiritual and awareness ranges and gives no excuse for it. She knows the strength of her fierceness and the power of her presence and the potent depth of her love for healing, compassion, right action, loving another, and bringing about great waves of transformation and change.


If this resonates with you, then I invite you to claim the path of the Wild Woman now:


“I am a Wild Woman.  I claim my wholeness now.  I claim my life and all its facets now.  I am a force for change, representing life in all of its expressions so that it can be nourished and grow and evolve into its highest calling. I am not afraid to get messy because messiness is part of life. I celebrate all parts of me. I am a Wild Woman and I give no excuses for my immense emotional range and the way that I can love.  I am a Wild Woman and I am here to make a difference as I walk in beauty and grace and wisdom. I am a Wild Woman and I am as much part of the earth as the stars. The universe expresses through all the cells of my body.  I am in every part of the cosmos and I am uniquely myself. I am a Wild Woman and I am a force of nature, spirit, and love.”

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Judy Scher, D.C. is Director of the Scher Center in Santa Fe since 1992. She is a transformational catalyst, teacher, workshop leader, and keynote speaker. The Scher Center offers leading edge chiropractic and personal development methods and tools specializing in the energetics of healing using Network Care and re-organizational healing. For more info: or call 505-989-9373. Live Wild. Live Wise. Celebrate the Magic of an Integrated You.

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