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Featured Wellness Products

Our editorial team independently selects and reviews each product we feature. If you make a purchase using the links included, we may earn commission.



Organic Ashwagandha 10:1

Enjoy an overall feeling of wellbeing!

Want to support healthy brain function?* Need help dealing with the stress of day-to-day life? How about a solution for occasional sleeplessness? Vimergy Organic Ashwagandha 10:1 Liquid Extract is here for you! Our special alcohol-free formula is made with just three organic ingredients: organic ashwagandha 10:1 extract, organic glycerin and organic lemon juice.

Steep Echo

Steep Echo is a collection of the finest all-natural olive leaf teas. Their line is made with olive tea leaves, leaving you with unique flavors that encourage you to drink up and come back for more. 


The compound Oleuropein makes this type of tea richer in nutrients, powerful antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory properties than green or black tea. It naturally boosts your immunity with every sip.


Since ancient times, olive trees have been linked to numerous health benefits. Give yourself the pleasure of taking a break and enjoying a cup for pure all-natural goodness and relaxation. The teas are made with olive leaves grown and hand-harvested from the trees of the Bel Lavoro family orchard in Santa Barbara, California, home to a unique collection of olive groves. 

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illuminescence is the down-to-earth skincare you’ve been searching for! They believe in honestly natural products without any gimmicks or vague language. Every ingredient is carefully selected to meet the strictest European standards for skincare. Janna Fackrell, the founder, together with her husband Cecil Fackrell, who practiced dermatology for 20 years, created specialty formulas that address varied skin conditions, including eczema and psoriasis. From hydrated skin to shiny and soft hair, illuminessence offers a range of all-natural, organic, and anti-aging goods that improve and keep your youthful glow. Each product is handcrafted, dermatologist-tested and approved, and cater even to the most sensitive skin. But that's not all – illuminessence is also committed to giving back to the community. 25% of their proceeds go towards Sacred Hearts Healing Center, a non-profit spiritual center dedicated to offering guidance through various healing modalities in a caring, peaceful, and sacred atmosphere.


iLive Wireless Sleep Mask Headphones


No matter how exhausted you are, it can seem impossible to sleep while traveling. Whether you’re stuck with a screaming baby behind you on your flight, or the unfamiliar noises of a new area keep you up at night.


The iLive Wireless Sleep Mask Headphones maximize your relaxation and help you get good sleep no matter where you are. The comfy, form-fitting mask doubles as Bluetooth headphones with speakers that fit right over your ears so you can listen to your favorite music or podcast or use a pre-programmed white noise selection to drift to sleep peacefully.

True Primal


Perfect for any adventure, soups from True Primal make for the perfect hearty meal on the go! True Primal was created to offer a gluten-free, paleo-friendly alternative to all other canned soups. The brand adheres to primal living, embracing exercise and stress reduction along with nutrition for those seeking to achieve optimal health with foods high in nutrition that are easily digested. All products support a paleo framework by utilizing real food ingredients while avoiding grains and other common allergens. A proud supporter of animal welfare and regenerative agriculture, the brand follows the Global Animal Partnership (GAP) program to ensure its farm and ranch sourcing, along with all the ingredients in its products, come from high-welfare livestock.



Kaleidadope - Spring Summer Madness Incense 


Indulge in the present moment with a scent that’s meant to lift your spirits reminiscent of that carefree Spring/Summer feeling! The soft floral incense can be used in several intentional ways including aromatherapy, aesthetics, meditation, clearing and more. Kaleidadope celebrates discovering passion and purpose through creativity, positivity, a sense of humor, and individuality. The brand is a creative hub inspired by color and culture, featuring stationery, gifts, accessories, and more.

Fabulyss Boutique 


Feel Safer with Fabulyss Boutique Self-Defense Keychains for Women & Men

Each self-defense keychain includes:


sanitizer holder


safety alarm/ LED light

pom pom 


pepper spray (optional)

Rosy & Earnest

Fragrance without compromise is possible! This NEW woman-owned and operated brand makes exceptional fine perfumes with worry-free ingredients. Rosy & Earnest launched two flagship scents, Be Earnest and Be Rosy, which meet the highest health standards while delivering luxurious scents you’ll obsess over. As an EWG Verified brand, their perfumes are free of any known chemicals of concern for non-toxic and lovely fragrances. They’re also the second Eau de parfum brand worldwide and the first in Canada to be EWG Verified. Talk about exceptional perfumes! The brilliant nose behind the brand’s first two scents is Nathalie Feisthauer, an award-winning Master Perfumer from Paris, France.

Step One Foods

With heart disease being the #1 leading cause of death in the United States, many consumers are seeking a solution to aid their heart health.

Enter Step One Foods, a line of snack foods created by Cardiologist, Dr. Elizabeth Klodas, that were specifically curated to deliver the perfect blend of Omega-3s, plant sterols, fiber and antioxidants to aid heart health and help lower cholesterol.  The Step One snacks are gluten and dairy free, non-GMO and are the only clinically proven snack food to lower cholesterol. 

Step One Foods come in a variety of products including snack bars in an assortment of flavors, oatmeal, pancake, and smoothie mix. Enjoy on their own or get creative and incorporate into a recipe! 

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