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FEATURE - October 2019

What Are Your Chakras Trying to Tell You?


by Cathleen Miller


Clairvoyantly evaluating your chakras reveals valuable insights into your current physical, mental, emotional and spiritual challenges and strengths. The integrity of each energy center directly affects your health, as well as your capacity to manifest what you truly desire in your life. If you are not able to do this on your own just yet, a quality intuitive energy practitioner can guide you to better understand and develop your own body-mind intuition. They should also be able clear and balance your own unique energy system. 

The capacity to understand and anticipate what your chakras are doing and what they need can save you money, time, and mental focus. This allows you to stop wasting energy on countless life circumstances and choices that are not contributing to your health and happiness. 

Have you ever asked what your own chakras are trying to communicate to you? Here are a few common basic indicators of energetic imbalances.

  • Pain. From minor aches to chronic pain, discomfort in any chakra area can stem from stress, accidents, poor posture and so on. While on the cellular level these correlate to common body imbalance issues, there are also subtle non-physical aspects simultaneously happening with any pain. In my professional opinion, the non-physical issues are the more relevant part of the pain experience. Pinpointing pain triggers can be used to energetically resolve and release pain more quickly and in less invasive ways. Resistance, rejection, or negative emotional energies (whether acknowledged or not) in any chakra are often the root cause of pain manifesting in physical tissue. 

  • Physical, Mental, or Emotional Injury. All levels of accident, injury or crisis circumstances of any kind can also have components of current or past trauma, misalignment, stress, or dysfunction that can manifest as physical experience. These create acute issues or sometimes lifetime weaknesses that can be greatly improved, if not cleared completely with chakra balancing. As one begins to release trauma through vibrational medicine techniques, issues from negative relationship experiences, personal or sexual traumas, or countless other challenges can improve the physical, mental, and emotionally connected imbalances that may be present.

  • Basic to Terminal Disease. This is often more complex because of so many contributing factors, usually over longer periods of time. Finding the root cause of energetic discord can be found in multiple layers of resistance. Cancer, for example, often includes environmental toxins, trauma triggered by negative experience (or repressed energies from past experiences) combined with unfavorable lifestyle habits, genetic weakness, and stress. When medical support combines with intuitive energetic awareness and healthy lifestyle habits, powerful positive outcomes can better ensure future wellness. 

Most everyone knows to pursue balance through general healthy lifestyle choices such as diet and exercise. Yet chakra balancing and body-intuitive wellness is a slightly more advanced level of awareness that can equally contribute to support your body, life, and success. 

It takes a strong sense of personal energy awareness to accurately interpret what your body is doing at a subtle energetic level. Yet it is possible to develop your own intuitive abilities to accurately gauge how healthy and open your chakra centers are in the moment. Doing this gives you significant advantages in determining choices that are appropriate for your own unique requirements for wellness, safety, happiness, and success. 

Gasping the basic concept that your body contains interconnected chakra energy centers that correlate to specific organs, muscles, spinal regions on the physical level is easy for most to accept. Shifting to the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects in each of these centers is substantially more complex. 

An example of this would be clogged lymphatics in a female client’s underarm that creates cystic breast tissue (located in the heart chakra center). Again, countless physical factors such as unhealthy diet, genetic weakness, trauma, and stress can all be relevant. Yet, in the subtle bodies of this chakra, vibrational stagnation from difficult personal or professional relationships, taking on burdens of others, or the inability to let go of negativity are just a few common issues that all can, in addition to physical factors, also clog or block the heart chakra and contribute to weakness and dysfunction. 

These are just a few of the energetic factors that may be relevant, especially to the heart chakra, and can have cellular effects that give rise to breast, heart, and upper thoracic spine issues. The same issues of negativity and letting go can affect any chakra, but would do so in slightly different ways, depending on several additional factors and circumstances. This is also where the unique personality, personal constitution, and individual energetic factors influence overall balance. Working with your own energy intelligence alongside your regular medical care (chakra healing is not medical advice of any kind and is not a substitute for medical care) can add integrative support to any wellness plan.

When a chakra is in a healthy range, the physical tissue and organs in that area will function well. The emotional and spiritual aspects of that same energy center will also contribute to balance and wellbeing. Another example is the brow chakra. Located between and slightly above the eyes on the forehead. When this center is healthy, your memory and capacity to process information are strong, and your natural sense of intuitive awareness is effortless. When this chakra is imbalanced, issues such as racing mind, forgetfulness, anxiety, headaches, and eye strain are just a few common issues that can be present. 

Taking the time to develop your own energy intelligence can support greater awareness about what choices can facilitate more wellbeing and success in every area of your body, business, and life. Developing your own body-mind connection and intuition so that you can improve your own energy confidence is a great step to empowering your current and future wellness. Be sure to check out the intuitive lifestyle success link below for a free Activate Your Intuition e-course that will help you understand your primary intuitive sense and give you great tips to support your own intuitive development.


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