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What Is Sound Frequency Therapy?

By Dr. Teresa M. Volner

Sound frequency therapy is similar to music therapy, however instead of relying on your ears and mind to capture the sounds, you rely on your body.


It has been long taught that the nervous system is an electrical system.  Research has been challenging that thought and finding the nervous system “sings” as well.  It’s very responsive to frequency and vibration. The Niels Bohr School of Physics is proving that nerve impulses could be sound impulses instead of electrical.  Communication signals in the nervous system were passing through each other and continuing on their path instead of being interrupted or diverted


“Danish scientists challenge the accepted scientific views of how nerves function and of how anesthetics work. Their research suggests that action of nerves is based on sound pulses and that anesthetics inhibit their transmission.” (Mar 19, 2007 University of Copenhagen, ‘Action Of Nerves Is Based On Sound Pulses, Anesthetics Research Shows’.)


Sound and vibration is very powerful and has been used for centuries.  It can break an eardrum or a glass.  Research shows the degradation of a brain and body of a truck driver after many years of vibration from the semi truck they drive. It can vibrate stones out of your kidneys.  More controlled sound waves can create images of your abdominal contents, including a beautiful baby growing.


Healing sounds, sound frequency therapy, also known as vibration medicine, is when frequencies and vibrations can cause a healing reaction in your body.  It’s another way of waking up the healing properties that already exist in the body.


Are you feeling out of whack or dealing with various body issues?

Are you struggling to regain the stamina and energy you once had?

Maybe the global pandemic has caused your mind and body to lose its strength? Or maybe you just need some relaxation or anxiety reduction?

“This new kind of sound therapy, often called sound healing, has begun to attract a following. Also known as vibration medicine, the practice employs the vibrations of the human voice as well as objects that resonate -- tuning forks, gongs, Tibetan singing bowls -- to go beyond relaxation and stimulate healing.” (S. Rosenbloom 2005)


“An observational study designed to examine the potential effects of a Tibetan singing bowl meditation on mood, tension, anxiety, physical pain, and spiritual well-being was done. A significant difference was found in all endpoints examined in response to the meditation. The reason(s) for the beneficial effects of singing bowls is unclear; however, various theories have been proposed. One theory includes the potential effects of binaural beats in which the brain entrains to the hertz difference between tones played in each ear, propelling the brain into brainwave states of deep relaxation, such as beta waves or even meditative or trance-like brainwave states in theta waves. In addition, potentially the action of sound waves on the purported biofield or energy field of the body could be a factor. Such theories may begin to characterize the potential effects on mood as well as physiological changes associated with singing bowls.” The effects were greater with participants that were naive in relation to singing bowls which shows that knowledge of the item doesn’t increase it’s effectiveness.

Recent research suggests that the sound doesn’t have to be heard to create a reaction in the brain.  It touches the body and the cells and nervous system transmit the signal.  The body then begins to resonate and create a response.

A researcher, Bruce Tainio of Tainio Technology, built another frequency monitor in 1992.  His research on detecting frequencies in the human body led to the measurement of the body’s frequency resonating between 62-72 megahertz during the day.  It’s a finding that was measurable. 

Here are some frequency comparisons noticed:

  1. Healthy human body is 62-72 MHz.

  2. Human cells can start to change (mutate) when their frequency drops below 62MHz.

  3. 58 MHz is the frequency of your body when you have a cold or the flu.

  4. When candida is present within your body, you vibrate at a frequency of 55MHz.

  5. 52 MHz is the frequency of a body with Epstein-Barr virus present.

  6. 42 MHz is the frequency of a body wherein cancer can appear.

  7. When the death process begins, the frequency has been measured at 20 MHz. 


The human body is very complex.  When you break it down to it’s smallest parts, smaller than cells, there are atoms that are the blueprint for the cells.  Then there are electrons, vortexes of energy at the subatomic level.  Einstein said, “Everything is energy, including humans,” and now science is beginning to confirm it.


Ideas behind vibration medicine are what has spurred healthy plant-based eating, probiotics, aromatherapy, and other healthy topics around increasing the body’s vibration levels.  Research done by Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930s on flower remedies has been positive in reducing situational anxiety.  Bach saw the correlation of vibrations of flowers and deficits in vibration in the body.  More research needs to be done to confirm Bach’s findings.

“Royal Raymond Rife (May 16, 1888 – August 5, 1971) was an American inventor and early exponent of high-magnification time-lapse cine-micrography. He is best known for a claimed 'beam ray' invention during the 1930s, which he thought could treat some diseases by ‘devitalizing disease organisms’ through vibration.  He built upon the research of Dr. Albert Abrams who experimented with radio waves.” (Wikipedia)


Even though there is little science behind vibration medicine and no expensive large double-blind studies, breakthroughs are occurring all the time as technology advances.  We didn’t even know about organelles within cells until a fairly recent discovery by a Belgian scientist, Christian de Duve in 1955. 


A new experimental portable device that attaches to the wrist is showing promise in research.  Linda Bamber, CEO of a local Kansas City Thermography company called BRAS, has taken 2 years in research to see if there is an effect using frequencies to make physical changes in the body.  The low-risk acoustical frequency products promote self-care to maintain or encourage good health. It can also reduce the impact or risk of some chronic diseases and conditions where self-care has been shown to play an important role in improving the quality of life and living well.


The unit is made to fit on the wrist just like a watch.  Over 750 programmed effective frequencies are contained in this portable unit. The names of diseases are used in relation to the frequency related to the said disease process. This device is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or medical condition. 


The outcomes from Bamber’s research have exceeded expectations.  The non-compensated testimonies of those who have been part of the research have been amazing.


Sound wave therapy uses different sound frequencies to correct physical imbalances in the body. The sound waves match various brain wave patterns and correct any abnormal frequencies in the body.

Think of it this way: Everything in the world has a frequency, they all sing “songs,” and sit in an “orchestra”.  If you broadcast certain resonant songs to your body, it may strengthen them and correct imbalances. Common types of health problems are no different. There are specific sound frequencies that can target parts of your body and system.


Nora had tinnitus. It’s very common: 15-20% of people have tinnitus.  She heard crickets in her ears all the time.  There are other therapies that help tinnitus which can take 1-2 years of time and expense, going to visit after visit.  Nora had tried them all.  She then fastened this new device on her wrist and in 40 minutes nearly 90% of her ‘crickets’ were gone.  Nancy and John also tried this new technology and found their tinnitus was diminished 50% within 40 minutes.  That is amazing with far less expense and effort.


Bathroom irregularities can be frustrating for some people.  Going to the bathroom too many times a day can be concerning.  Not going enough can be painful.  Within 30 minutes of wearing this new technology on their wrist, Louise, Craig, and Linda all found relief.  Louise said she would use this technology again.


When you find a small lump in your breast, most of the time it’s a cyst. If it’s firm, smooth, and round, you shouldn’t be worried, as most breast lumps are not cancerous. Many lumps can actually mimic cancer, which is the tricky part. Between the hours of waiting to get into the doctor and the money you’d spend on co-pays, specialists, and tests, it can make you feel exhausted. Of course, you want to make sure you receive proper testing and take this seriously, but there are other more cost-effective options to take care of your breast lump.


For people like Erin, she chose a less invasive and inexpensive option for addressing the small lump in her breast. The best part is she did it all from the comfort of her home at a significantly lower price point! Erin had “a dense quarter-sized lump” in her breast. “It was so apparent that I was scheduled for a biopsy two weeks from today,” Erin told us. Thankfully, though, Erin tried this new technology on her wrist first before spending hundreds of dollars with her scheduled surgery.

“There is a warm tingle up my arm, shoulder, neck and breast using benign breast lump frequency. After sitting for about 30 minutes, I have to look and push to find it (lump)...I will be canceling my surgery. I am VERY grateful and AMAZED,” Erin said.


THIS NEW TECHNOLOGY is called the WAVWatch.


The WAVwatch is the first sound therapy self-care tool. It’s a wearable watch with modern technology that you place on your wrist. It’s a portable and lightweight device that emits low-wave acoustical frequencies to correct imbalances in your body. This watch is transforming the health and wellness industry by the day!

Sound Frequency Therapy, also known as sound healing, is when low-wave frequencies penetrate cells in the body to correct common imbalances. When you use the watch, it emits sound wave frequencies through your body. It contains 750 frequencies and settings corresponding to common problems and imbalances you may be experiencing.

The WAVwatch uses extremely safe acoustical frequencies that have been measured since the 1920s.

Newer technology has allowed us to add these frequencies to a simple yet sophisticated wrist band.

Studies from Denmark and Belgium are shedding light on the theory that the body’s nerve impulses may not be electrical. The Niels Bohr School of Physics is proving that nerve impulses could be sound impulses instead. This is big news as it aligns with what WAVwatch customers have been seeing and experiencing.

Steps to Using the WAVwatch


Step 1: Set it - This patent-pending technology has over 750 acoustical frequency sets for specific types of joint pain, carpal tunnel, migraines, neuropathy, essential tremors, kidney stones, and many other self-care ideas. Select the frequencies based on your symptoms or what problems you have been diagnosed with in your life.

Step 2: Wear it - Put the WAVwatch on your wrist and choose a sound level that is comfortable for you. Your body absorbs the frequencies for a set time period based on your selection. It uses precisely measured waves and vibrations to help finely tune and balance our bodies.


Step 3: Experience it – The final step is to experience the transformation and healing for yourself. Resonant frequencies create precise oscillations to harmonize your body gently and quietly without disrupting your day. Turn your imbalances and disharmony into harmony with the WAVwatch.

WAVwatch Use Best Practices


When using the WAVwatch, it’s best to keep body movement at a minimum. Try using when you’re relaxing on a couch, driving long distances, or reading a book. You should avoid using the watch when playing sports.

It’s recommended you adjust the band so that it fits snugly on your wrist. You want the speaker on the back to be close to your skin, this way your body can then absorb frequencies better. The sound can be adjusted and doesn’t have to blare at you, but you should set it at a level so you can hear it playing or know when it has shut itself off.

Reasons to Use the WAVwatch & Why Self-Care Matters


It’s hard to function when you’re out of balance or not feeling well. You need to start practicing self-care to ensure you have natural energy and that your mood is stable.

When you take good care of yourself, you’ll be more content and perform better at work, home, and in life. You’ll be less stressed and happier.

Hundreds of people have used the WAVwatch to help stop and even prevent body issues. It’s helped them feel better and improve their mobility across multiple categories.

Conclusion - Use the WAVwatch!


Now is the time to purchase the WAVwatch - it can change your life for the better!

No longer do you have to suffer in agony or due to issues and concerns. You can use the WAVwatch to create more harmony and balance in your life and your body.

There are so many options and frequencies to try because each person has unique needs, and this product understands and meets this reality.

Why experience any further pain and suffering? Purchase the WAVwatch so you can see for yourself what all the hype is about!



Dr. Teresa M. Volner has been helping people find alternative solutions in the Kansas City area for over 13 years.


Located in Overland Park.

Total Care Health Solutions/Total Care Chiropractic/Total Care Market


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