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FEATURE - April 2016

What You Need to Know to Align Your Inner Nature

by Robert Funkhauser


What if you had the power to change your relationship with nature? What changes would you make? How then would you live? What would your world look like?

If you are ready to make a change then sit comfortably, close your eyes, and take three deep, relaxing breathes. Think silently on the highest relationship you can have with nature and what you can do to bring about a greener life and a greener world. Don’t hold back, think big! Take all the time you need, and when you feel complete with this, open your eyes and make notes about what you thought, felt, and saw.


The next exercise is longer. You can perform it one paragraph at a time, or if you are online, you can access the audio file and let me guide you in this healing and rejuvenating journey by clicking this link.


Find a spot on the wall or ceiling to stare at and hold your attention there while you breathe slowly and rhythmically. After a while your eyes will feel heavy, and then heavier with each breath. Want that to happen, and when you are ready, close your eyes and take a long slow breath and let it out with a sigh and relax even more.


Now imagine a wave of relaxing energy washing up over your feet and ankles, all the way up to your knees. As it washes up, the wave removes any stress from your toes, feet, ankles, lower leg muscles and knees. Then see the wave of energy slowly recede, taking with it any remaining tension.


With the next breath, bring the wave of energy up again, into your feet and lower legs and up into your upper legs, hips, and torso, and all the way up to the top of your head. Then with a long exhale, see the wave slowly recede, washing away any remaining tension and stress from your body. Good!


Now imagine a sun-like light above you. It shines brightly upon your head, and moves into your brain, and down into your neck,  into your shoulders, chest, heart and lungs, imbuing your brain, mind and heart with the soothing warm light of love, creativity and intelligence. See that light spread into every part of your body – every organ, muscle, nerve, and cell, even into the marrow of your bones. Take all the time you need to allow this light to fill you completely.


Now, imagine yourself walking barefoot in a beautiful, grassy meadow. Feel the soft, green grass caressing your feet as you walk. There are flowers, butterflies, birds and other wildlife. See the trees swaying in the gentle breeze. Feel the warmth of the sun on your skin, and the entrancing joy you feel inside. Spend some time enjoying this beautiful and peaceful place.


As you walk along, feeling younger and more vibrant with each step, you notice an ancient rock arch and a low wall of stones. Through the misty opening you see a beautiful being in white, near a fountain. This being is a Planetary Elder and she will help you take the next step in developing a deeper relationship with nature.


You greet each other with a sacred, loving, namaste, and then the Elder leads you to a radiant waterfall beside a river. The Elder looks deeply into your eyes and instructs you by telepathy. She then gives you a bar of magic cleansing soap made of light.


Then, removing your clothing by thought, suddenly you are in the sun-warmed waterfall, using the magic soap, and washing away all the limiting beliefs you have adopted or accepted about yourself, about nature, and your relationship with nature. You find that you can see blockages in your body, in your emotional body, and in your mind and neural pathways, and with the magic soap you remove them all and replace them with the multi-colored, self-aligning energy of the spiritual waterfall. You tear and cry a little at the power of the cleansing, and the relief that it brings, and at the joy that is arising inside of you, realigning every cell in your body and every belief in your subconscious mind. 


As you continue the cleansing and your cells realign, you notice your body changing shape. You are becoming limber and radiant, leaner with more muscle tone, with glowing eyes and smooth vibrant skin, much like you had as a young adult. You feel like pure energy. Your posture is perfect and you feel weightless on your feet.


Now stepping out of the waterfall, you see that the Elder and her helpers have new clothing for you to wear. Suddenly you are wearing the new clothes and you feel wonderfully centered and at ease in your realigned body of rejuvenated cells, and you know you are forever changed. It's all different now because you are different now.

The Elder smiles with knowing approval and walks slowly toward you, a gift in her hands. There's so much light around the gift it seems to be pure light, and as she approaches, you notice the shape. Holding out your hands, you receive the glowing gift. The gift is a symbol of transformation and a sign of your initiation into the circle of nature-aligned beings. As you receive the gift, and thank the Elder, you feel gentle warmth emanating from the gift. Its beautiful radiating waves strengthen and deepen your alignment with nature.


And now it's almost time to leave this sacred place. The Elder walks with you back to the stone arch where you entered and you share an embrace, and a deep loving look, and the Elder tells you that you can return any time you wish.


Walking back the meadow where you began, you feel more completely now the soft, green grass under your feet. You lie down on the grass and gaze at the azure sky, and then fall into a beautiful meditation.  


When you are ready to return, count slowly from one to five. When you get to five, your eyes will open and you will be back in waking consciousness, with a smile on your radiant face.


Go to Robert's guided meditation.

Robert Funkhauser is a writer and hypnotherapist. He lives off-grid in a solar home outside of Santa Fe. For more information go to, or email

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