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Heart and Business - July 2016 - Santa Fe

Yoga and the Will to Lead

By Heather Robertson


The ancient and contemporary forms of yoga all have the focus of unity. Unifying our livelihood with personal living. Over time the consistent practice of any of the 8 limbs of yoga will support an outpouring, a desire to begin to lead in your life. This may translate to leading in business or with family. In any capacity the will to lead spontaneously shows up when one commits to the practice of yoga.


Remember, I’m not just talking about the yoga asanas (postures) I’m talking about meditation, focus, right living, devotion and love. 


However, the type of leadership may be vastly different than what one might expect. Our consciousness is vast and when it's engaged with how we do business, communicate with others, and make decisions outcomes can be transformed and we become effective beyond words.


Yoga asks nothing less than to say “yes” to your inner mentor, your light, your genius your brilliance in the world.


Leadership and yoga work seamlessly as yoga is renowned for its ability to relieve stress, increase focus, evolve perspective, and direct emotional intelligence. It moves the body, stimulates awareness and peaks the pathway to purpose and self-leadership. And let's be honest, leadership can be a bit stressful.


There are numerous avenues to pursue the mastery of self-leadership which leads to transformational leadership, however yoga can be a primary pathway that engages the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of self in one practice. Talk about a time saver and a direct line to growth.


Transformation is the primary influencer of yoga and the will to lead. It's intimately woven into everything.  It has it's own texture, vibrancy, and outcome. Working seamlessly together the result is nothing less than self-mastery or self-leadership.


Yoga unfolds the fire - the transformation within our actions, our words, our commitments, and with what we materialize. With enough transformation our leadership shifts and becomes natural and epic. It is the essence of heart in leadership and business.


The purpose of this message - practice, practice, practice if you’re a transformational leader or would like to hop on the path. Be relentless with your commitment to self and your commitment to love. This is yoga and this reflects the will to lead.


To you,


Heather Robertson E-RYT, CTC, CF is an entrepreneur, facilitator, and mentor, with endless commitment to presence and purpose within business and life. She is owner of Wide Awake by Design, located in 

Santa Fe, NM.  


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