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FEATURE - June 2019

You Are Not Poor…Your Thoughts and Actions Are

By Regan Hillyer


No matter where you come from or what your current income or family background, you absolutely can have it all. The world is full of opportunities for those seeking complete abundance. However, I don't want to talk to you about the highest paying jobs or hacks to making money as an entrepreneur. 

Today, I want to talk about the one underlying quality shared by those who make it in life: their win mindset.

To Achieve Abundance, Start by Looking Within

Although attracting abundance is a relatively simple process, it requires work, practice and dedication to your vision. 

First, remember that abundance is your natural state. Abundance is completely within you, and external abundance in your any area of your life—personal, financial, spiritual—is just a reflection of whether you can feel it from within.

Surrender to the work, dig in and get super clear on your vision. Until you can recognize the abundance in yourself, you won’t be able to call it in externally. Clear your thoughts of your self-limiting beliefs—all the old, deeply ingrained, self-sabotaging habits, thoughts, and actions that keep you small and leave you unable to receive what is waiting for you.

 Wake up with clarity, not clutter 

Abundance is something that you should practice every day. The mindset toolbox and framework are the key elements to attracting greater abundance and creating and manifesting the desired results quickly.

Wake up every day with intention. The moment you wake up is when the game starts. Don’t get distracted by the usual stresses—things to do, worries over money, checking the phone. Instead, break your usual thought pattern. Ask yourself, “How do I choose to feel right now?” And then make the choice to be calm, relaxed, in control and happy. The most successful people are flexible. Find a morning routine that works for you and fits your intention.

Tap into Gratitude

What are you grateful for? Think of the everyday things that you are grateful for and affirm them with positive, “I am grateful for……” language. Choose to feel differently. Know that you are in control, rather than allowing your life to run away with you.

Daily Mindset Tools 

To affirm and strengthen your path to abundance, use these tools:

Visualization—Ask yourself how you want your life to be. What is your future reality? What do you really want? If you got what you wanted now, what would that look like? Know exactly what you want.

Affirmations—Use  powerful sentences that call in your reality; use short, sharp language patterns that order and discipline your mind. “I am…” I choose to believe…” Simply do not allow the negative subconscious to intrude. Take control and affirm your good.

Journaling—Journal what you are grateful for. Each day, write down 10 things for which you feel grateful. Know what you have that positively impacts your life.

 Use these tools daily. Discipline is key, and the way you approach something as little as sticking to daily habits trains your character.  


How do you feel about money?

It’s a tricky topic and one that makes a lot of people uncomfortable. Don’t ignore your money. It’s not enough to simply say, “I want more money in my life.” Know how much money you want, accurately, down to the last cent. Track your income, know daily where your money is coming from and focus on the BIG picture. Visualize your income goal, then double it, and then triple it. Do this daily, alongside your other intentional practices.

Living your Life with Intention

Think about the highest version of yourself—this confident, abundance-attracting individual—and see how that person would show up, how they would look, act, walk and talk. Hold that energy from your vision with intention as the highest version of yourself, and banish those limiting, poor thoughts.

It’s practice, practice, practice every day. Nobody gets it perfectly from the outset. Give abundance a chance to show up in your life.

Why would you settle for average and small when you can be extraordinary?

The above article is based on the newly published book, The Abundance Codes by Regan Hillyer and Juan Pablo Barahona.




Regan Hillyer is a Mindset Coach and Global Speaker. She is the founder of Regan Hillyer International, a company dedicated to providing personal development training, she works on an abundance mindset, helping people defeat limiting beliefs and break into fulfilled abundant life, and open themselves up to possibilities. 

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