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HOLISTIC HEALTH - December 2016 - Kansas City

10 Health Tips for an Perfect Holiday Experience

By Nancy Russell, M.D.


The holidays are filled with family traditions that include some of our favorite meals and foods. As you celebrate, think of little changes you can make this holiday season to create healthier meals and active, peaceful days. 


The following are helpful tips for those changes.

1.  Enjoy all the food groups at your celebrations. Prepare whole-grain or gluten free crackers with hummus or guacamole as an appetizer; add unsalted nuts and black beans to a green leafy salad; use almond or coconut milk instead of heavy cream or cow’s milk in your casseroles. 


2. Make sure your protein is lean and organic, free range as possible. Good choices are turkey, wild Alaskan salmon, lamb, roast beef, and beans. Serve brown rice with beans to make a complete protein for the vegetarians. 


3.  Cheers to good health with quenching your thirst with low calorie options. Drink water with lemon or lime slices or seltzer water with a splash of 100% fruit juice. 


4.  Bake healthier by cutting the amount of sugar listed in recipes in half. Use spices to add flavor such as cinnamon, allspice, or nutmeg instead of salt. When salt is used, Mediterranean or Himalayan sea salt are good choices.


5.  Tweak the sweet for desserts. Try baked apples with cinnamon and a sprinkle of sugar and nuts instead of apple pie. Invite your guests to make their own parfait with colorful, sliced fruit and yogurt. When fats are used, better choices are organic coconut oil, butter or cold pressed, and extra virgin olive oil. 


6.  Enjoy leftovers. Create delicious new meals with your leftovers. Add turkey and beans to soups or salads. Use extra veggies in omelets, sandwiches, or stews. 


7.  Make exercise a part of the fun! Make being active part of your holiday tradition. Have fun walking and talking with family and friends after a holiday meal. Give gifts that encourage others to practice healthy habits such as workout CD’s, FitBit app, dance lessons, pedometers, running shoes, and reusable water bottles. 


8.  Be the life of the party! Laugh, mingle, dance, and play games. Focus on fun and enjoy the company of others. Laughter is a wonderful natural medicine! 


9.  Give to others. Spend time providing foods or preparing meals for those who may need a little help. Give food to a local food bank or volunteer to serve meals at a shelter during the holiday season. 


10.  Take time for yourself to relax and breathe and connect. Plan time for your busy activities and schedule down time also. Even if it is just 5 minutes a day of deep breathing and prayer or reflection time, just do it! Connect with your spouse or other loved ones about your feelings and work together to get the extra holiday chores accomplished. 


As a holistic physician, I am happy to assist you on your life journey, one on one, and use natural remedies as much as possible. Drugs and surgery are sometimes necessary, but I try to avoid them and provide alternatives when possible.

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Nancy Russell, M.D. has been a holistic Internal Medicine physician in the Kansas City northland for over 30 years at 5140 N. Antioch Road in Kansas City, MO.


Her phone number is 816-453-5545 and website is where you can get more information. Dr. Russell is board certified in holistic medicine and is a member of the American Holistic Medical Association and a prior board member.

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