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JOURNEY TO WHOLENESS - December 2017 - Kansas City

Move the Body-Open the Mind

By Jude LaClaire, Ph.D.


As winter and the longest night approaches, our hibernating self may be pressing for attention. We may find ourselves doing less exercise or none at all. Bad decision! More and more convincing research tells us that brain health and plasticity, particularly from midlife onward, is influenced positively by exercise. … Read More

WISDOM WITHIN - December 2017 - Kansas City

Creating Peace for the Holidays 

By Suzette Scholtes


On Christmas Morning I would play background music for many masses at Queen of the Holy Rosary Church, near 227th and Metcalf.  It is a brick steepled church. My sisters and I visited the church this fall and its beauty and peace radiate all around. The church is over l00 years old. ... Read More

FOOD GLORIA'S FOOD - December 2017 - Kansas City

Meet Me at the Casbah

An oasis of Mediterranean delights awaits the pleasure of your company with no airfare necessary

By Gloria Gale



I’m committed to few restaurants in Johnson County but The Basha is one I heartily recommend.


While not new to the scene, owner, Nader Shehata launched this Mediterranean mecca some years back. “I was really missing flavors and the atmosphere from my country, Egypt, so I decided it’s now or never,” said Shehata. ... Read more

Evolving Magazine

Kansas City

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HOLISTIC HEALTH - December 2017 - Kansas City

Tips for Creating Healthy, Active Holiday Events

By Nancy Russell, M.D.


Eating healthy and being physically active can be a fun part of parties and events. Great gatherings are easy to do when tasty, healthy foods are offered in a fun, active environment. Above all, focus on enjoying family and friends.  ... Read more

EATING WELL IN KANSAS CITY - December 2017 - Kansas City

4 Truths To Get Healthy For Life 

By Angela Watson Robertson


It may seem that everyone knows the right way for you to get healthy these days. Your doctor, your friends, and every website that you read. You hear the typical, “you should get more exercise,” “you should eat healthier,” and, “you should take supplements.” Yet, what exactly does that mean for your unique body? ... Read more

SPIRITUAL HOROSCOPE - December 2017 - Kansas City

Spritual Horoscope for December 2017

By Aluna Michaels


Happy birthday Sagittarius! Mercury retrograde in your sign, which is a great time for meditation, introspection and self-discovery. You can see hidden ways you self-sabotage so you don’t accomplish goals. You can release old resentments and disappointments that bog you down. You can open prosperity blocks!  ... Read more

WANDERLUST - December 2017 - Kansas City

Journey by Train to See West Virginia Up Close and Personal

By Jill Dutton


"I look at the houses as the train rolls past and imagine what the lives are like for the people who live there. I wonder if they're happy…think about what their day might have been like or what they're having for dinner," the young Amish woman sitting next to me on the train said. ... Read more

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