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FEATURE - November 2015 - Kansas City

7 Keys to Abundance

Simple Practices for Greater Love, Time, Money, and Freedom
by Leah Morris


Thanksgiving can be a powerful time to reflect on the blessings that have brought us to where we are today.  It is from gratitude and appreciation that abundance is born. I know this to be true from my own journey. In the span of four years, an hourly wage became an abundant bank account, and I slept peacefully instead of battling insomnia. My heart expanded daily in the loving connection I felt with new friends.


I had earned my abundance through the daily practice of concentration, meditation, and visualization in the School of Metaphysics coursework. I had used my own will to bring about new results in every area of my life. 


There are seven keys to a prosperous life that I have found to be universally true. When practiced daily, they can produce powerful shifts in who we are and our connection to infinite abundance and gratitude!


1. Know Where Your Attention Is

Attention is our most precious commodity. What we give attention to will grow whether we are aware of it or not. Become aware of the thoughts that are moving through your mind. You may find that your mind is undisciplined and moves quickly from past situations to future outcomes. An undisciplined mind is the progenitor of anything we lack.  A creative thinker directs the attention toward what is desired.  The first step is to be aware of what you are thinking about!


2. Find the Good in Every Situation

The Universe only brings blessings. Choosing to find the good is key to gratitude, which is the foundation of abundance. Slipping into negative thinking happens when our attention is so focused on one piece of the puzzle that we cannot see a different perspective. When you are reacting to something in a negative way, ask yourself, “What is the good here?” Continue to open your mind until you can see at least three good things.  Since all thoughts have creative potential. We must hold ourselves accountable for choosing high-minded thoughts and perspectives! 


3. Cultivate a Generous Heart

Giving time, love, attention, and resources opens the heart and connects us with others. People, places, and things become better because of our presence and our sense of self-value skyrockets! Giving with a pure heart magnetizes the giver. A loving intention activates Universal Laws to draw to you exactly what you need at the right time.  Look for opportunities to give everywhere you go.  You will find that your resources increase, your friendships deepen, and you feel much love and connection.


4. Believe in Abundance

What we receive in life is directly related to our beliefs and expectations. If you believe that you are abundant and deserving, this will reflect in your life. After you give, when you feel your heart open and the elation of impacting someone in a positive way, expect that you will receive 10 times more! Trust, relax, and allow abundance to flow in from any area of your life.  


5. Acknowledge your Accomplishments Daily

Time (which is a function of attention) is a construct of our own thinking. If you ever find yourself thinking about what you haven’t done throughout the day, it is time to change an unproductive pattern! Try creating a list of your accomplishments before bed. Build self-appreciation by focusing on what you have accomplished, rather than on what you didn’t! 


6. Fill Your Mind With What You Want

Give yourself permission to dream big! Anything we desire to create first begins with an idea.  If you don’t know what you want, that’s ok! Set yourself up for success by evaluating the things that you love to do. If you find yourself stuck in a rut, create a list of things you don’t want and transform it into the most desirable image you can fathom. Create a list of the things you desire and allow yourself to play with the images in your mind. Focus on your list every day, and take steps daily until you have manifested what you want. 


7. Invest in Yourself

Every choice we make (in thought and action) is an investment. It is important to invest in personal growth and to create space for contemplation and evaluation. Our lives are shaped by our minds. Invest in the mind you have through the daily practice of concentration, meditation, and visualization. Take care of yourself by creating space for the things you love. Pay attention to your choices, ask yourself what they produce, and give to yourself in greater ways.  The most important creation is you.


A life with meaning is abundant. Love, freedom, joy, and the thrill of creation is known by one who can consciously choose a positive perspective and understand themselves in the process of any creation.


When practiced daily, these simple keys will produce abundance in any area. Remember to be consistent! Practice with a joyful heart and you will certainly understand yourself and creation in new ways. Who you become; the understandings you add to yourself is the most important part. Since our lives are shaped by our minds, we have the power to create anything we can fathom.  Now, that’s something to be grateful for! 

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Leah Morris has served as a student, teacher, and director at the School of Metaphysics for seven years. She is currently completing her Doctorate of Divinity and Psi Counseling degree. Leah specializes in teaching dreams, unlocking creative potential, love and relationships, visualization, mindfulness, concentration, and communication.  School of Metaphysics Kansas City: 913-236-9292,

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