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REVELATIONS- September 2016 - Kansas City

Cleansing Time:

Review of Purium’s “10 Day Celebrity Transformation”

By Jill Dutton


I admire people who regularly fast or do juice cleanses. Although throughout history people have fasted for religious, health, and other reasons, it’s not something I thought I could do. Once as part of a diet program, I was supposed to do the Master Cleanse Lemonade Diet for three days. By noon on the first day my blood sugar was rampant, I felt faint, and I was ravenous. That was my only previous attempt at a cleanse. I was envious when I’d meet a girlfriend for lunch and she’d tell me she was on day 10 of a two-week juice fast because it felt out of my realm of ability.


So, when I was approached to review Purium’s 10-Day Celebrity Transformation created by David Sandoval, an internationally-renowned lecturer, authority on whole-food nutrition and disease prevention, and author of The Green Foods Bible, I was skeptical. Luckily, I was pleasantly surprised by my experience.


The 10-Day Transformation Cleanse includes:

  • Apothe-Cherry (16 oz.)

  • Power Shake - Apple-Berry (30 servings)

  • Super Amino 23 (150 ct.)

  • Super CleansR (40 ct.)

  • Super Lytes (30 ct.)

  • Purium Shaker Bottle (BPA free)

  • 10-Day Celebrity Transformation Gym Bag

  • Tape Measure

  • Transformation Guide


The Program:

The Purium Cleanse was founded by and formulated by naturopath David Sandoval. It's a 10-day plan which includes shakes, three different kinds of supplements, and an apothe-cherry juice, all designed to detox and reset the metabolism.

No caffeine, dairy, processed foods, sugar, gluten, meat, or alcohol for 10 days—but plenty of real, whole foods: fruits, vegetables, fermented foods, coconut oil. The concept behind David Sandoval’s 10-Day Transformation is really quite simple: The program uses nutrient-dense superfoods, slow-burning carbohydrates, and highly digestible protein—and is all vegan and all natural.


My Intentions:

  • Jumpstart my metabolism

  • Cleanse my system

  • Detox from trigger foods like caffeine and dairy


My Experience:

Day 1 and I didn’t want to get out of bed. The company recommends giving up coffee a few days beforehand, but I didn’t dare. So instead I lay in bed trying to figure out how I would get going without coffee. To satisfy my need for a warm morning drink, I finally got up and made a cup of warm lemon water to sip. I had read that the sweetness of apples helps wake you up, so I took my first set of amino pills and ate an apple. It worked. Although I had a bit of a caffeine-withdrawal headache later in the day, coffee wasn’t a problem the rest of the cleanse.


I wondered what I would do with all the time usually spent planning meals, reading recipes, shopping, cooking, and eating.  I chose to consciously fill the time and spent it writing, reflecting, and planning.


I studied my relationship to food and realized my hunger was sometimes a symptom of boredom. I also started seeing first-hand the benefits of nutrient density.

Years ago I had a hydroponic garden that came with concentrated plant food. I decided to use this super-dense nutrient formula on my house plants. These plants were already healthy (I thought), but after one dose of the plant food, the plants visibly grew and flourished almost immediately. It was proof to me that we can feel and look “fine,” but a super dose of nutrition can cause a visible transformation. And after a few days on the cleanse, I started seeing changes in myself:

  • My skin was clear, tight, and glowing; eyes were bright.

  • I realized how darn good something as simple as Swiss chard, sautéed with garlic in coconut oil and a splash of vinegar could taste.

  • Experienced clear, focused energy. On day two, expecting to feel weak, I instead spring-cleaned my house.

  • Broke the habit of eating because it was time versus when hungry.

  • Best sleep in years. The Apothe Cherry concentrate is supposed to help with muscle pain, relaxation, and is a natural creator of Melatonin. I drank it each evening about an hour before bed and slept wonderfully.

  • No sugar crashes.

  • Happy, happy, happy…

  • Oh, and not my top priority, but I lost seven pounds.


Was it hard? At times. Not because of any particular craving, but mostly just because of my habit of eating at certain times—and my established idea of what constitutes a “meal.”


I’m skeptical by nature of wellness programs, so I researched the company and products before agreeing to the cleanse. All of the Purium products are certified organic, non-gmo superfoods.


Yes, it’s a network program, but the great part is that you don’t have to join. If you simply want to experience the high-quality products, you can as a retail customer. Or you can try one of the transformation programs.



Evolving Magazine readers get a $50 gift card toward any product, membership, transformation, or enrollment pack. If interested, visit and enter the code “Evolving” to redeem your gift.

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