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Heart and Business - June 2015 - Santa Fe

Harmonizing Life and Work

By Heather Robertson


Work-life balance was introduced in Europe in the 1800's, entering the US during the great depression, and gaining solid footing in the 60's and 70's when women were asking for support in the workplace while being a mother and an employee.  During the 1990's, with the birth of large-scale technology and dual working households, the idea of work-life balance exploded and has been debated ever since. 


This is a hot topic for some and an over-done topic for others. I have discovered, through working with clients, it's not as simple as cultivating balance, but rather a re-discovering of harmony in life and business - a deeper, more sustainable place within us, our hearts. Work-life balance historically compartmentalizes with a zillion types of calendars, list builders, phone apps, alarms, and even how to manage our stress. It's as if  "let's be in our minds now and in our hearts later" which is the root cause of chaos.   To be clear, I love calendars, lists, and all the rest, however when they are used mindlessly, fragmentation and overwhelm can set in. Life and work harmony requires the awareness of our hearts and minds continuously, finding the real ground that unites.  


The number one key is discovering the sacred bridge of knowledge (mind) and trust (heart).  When the two are working harmoniously life and business tends to flow and opportunities open. We can trust all day long, however, if one lacks the knowledge of resources, relationships or information, trust doesn't really serve us.  


On the flipside we can have an abundance of knowledge, but if we don't trust ourselves or others the knowledge does very little for us.  The union between the two is the key to harmony and will cause any business to flourish for the long-term.


Bridge your inner knowing with your inner trust and you will find the solutions you seek to life and work harmony.  You will discover what you need and it will be up to you to leap and embrace what is needed for change. 


I write to you about this as there is ton of buzz around burn-out, work-life flow, work-life balance, work-life rhythms etc. and it can become complicated with "this tool" and "this app" for better work-life navigation, but the truth is, keep it simple and you will find your way.  


It begins with choice. Decisions with trust and knowledge can be applied to your thoughts, your perceptions, your choices with business collaborations, your choices with how you spend your beautifully earned money, your choice with how you want to feel and be in the world and with others.  This will transform your business and expand it.  The outcome is less worry and a lot more fun!


In my work I discuss the "5-Roots." The primary root is well-being.  Well-being is the heartbeat of all you do and the place to start for life and work harmony.  Discover the tools to maintain and evolve your mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional well-bing and you are more than on your way - your "in it" and you will be in a harmonious life before you know it.


To get the ball moving with well-being, trust, and knowledge here a few suggestions: 


1. Whatever it is, don't do it alone - We thrive together.


2. Sleep - 56% of Americans say that dreams reveal deep truths!


3. Be gentle with yourself.


4. Breathe - Breathe in trust and breathe out the worry.


5. Commit - Cultivate your willpower.  Your fire.


6. Patience - When your buttons get pushed practice patience. 


7. Give more - Giving with no expectation in return.


8. Receive more - Let it in. Today.


9. Be vulnerable - Open the door.


10. Let go - Step back, take in the big picture, and determine your next steps.


11. Engage thoughtfully - All great achievements involve this.


12. Do something to crack your heart open and connect.


13. Forgive. Now.


14. Own what you believe with compassion.  Your heart will thank you for it.


15. Love. 


16. Gentle Reminder: You are Amazing.  Everytime!



To your brilliance,


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Heather Robertson E-RYT, CTC, CF is an entrepreneur, facilitator, and mentor, with endless commitment to presence and purpose within business and life. She is owner of Wide Awake by Design, located in 

Santa Fe, NM.  


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