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Multi-Dimensional Mastery - September 2016 - Santa Fe

How Self-Love and Self-Care are Imperative to a Change Maker

By Dr. Judy Scher

Many of us have heard the expression, “Be the change you want to see in the world” but how many of us have really reflected on what that means to us personally.  If you were to sit down right now and make a list or free associate what that line means to YOU specifically, what would you say? 


First you might want to identify what kind of change that you want to see in the world.  And then all good intentions aside; who do you need to be to help make that happen?  And let’s add in one more ingredient:  effortless. Who said it has to be a struggle and bring wear and tear into your own life and body.  What kind of example is that?


You might have had the experience of wanting to give your gifts even more…perhaps you feel a pressure building up inside or all around, like a low level frustration or the feeling you might burst.  There’s so much you want to do, so much you can offer. You’re intelligent, heart-felt, accomplished, talented, masterful, loving and wise.  People all around you see you as having it together, maybe from where they are sitting you seem to be on the top of your game.  But when you connect to your own hearts knowing, you know that there’s more.  You’ve learned to function at a very high level and yet…there’s a mismatch somewhere, a gap for where you want to really live and be.


Those of us committed to change often forgot one important piece, ourselves.  Maybe not completely, however the more we give, the more we must bring ourselves into the equation to have our own needs met. It becomes even more important to replenish our own heart and soul needs.  We must fill and refill with life energy so that we aren’t giving at a cost to our own being. This may come in the form of being in nature more, meditating regularly, doing yoga or exercise or dance, working with various healing practitioners, eating nourishing foods, having deep heart-felt friendships and significant relationships and whatever else is truly nurturing for you personally.


For you to accomplish the next significant goal, for you to show up even more, for you to live the kind of life you dream that we as a humanity can live: life is saying don’t just bring the old you along and wear a new hat; re-create, re-invent, re-discover you in a place that you haven’t been before.  And in order to do that it necessitates 2 requirements: self-love and self-care. 


Self-love isn’t the kind of narcissistic love that has you only attending to an ego ‘me’ that doesn’t care for others.  It’s a deep, honoring, nurturing focus of loving energy for ourselves and with ourselves so that we actually live and embody the knowing that the universe is indeed abundant, benevolent and provides. The intelligence in the Universe meets us as we have value for ourselves.  As we enter more consciously into this sacred contract and relationship with life we bring more joy, more energy, more love and more abundance to us. We are energized here.  It’s not the other way around; that the more we sacrifice, the more we deserve.  That is an old paradigm in a past time and place that served the people in where they were.


Self-care comes from a place that is supported by our soul’s knowing that we are personally a very important and significant part of the change that is taking place.  In this way, we are learning to walk our talk of what we want to see for the world.  And by becoming not simply experts in our fields but being role models for the change, we transmit a vibration of authentic connection, love and peace. 


What are the ways that you are demonstrating self-love and self-care to yourself and others?  In what ways can you do this even more optimally?  What is holding you back from making those changes now?  What is the cost of not supporting yourself in that way? What will the world gain by you knowing you are fully taking care of yourself? 


We are in a great reorganizational time requiring a developmental trajectory that requires us to accept another level of responsibility for our own true well being.  This is a time of evolving spiritual maturity that comes from knowing our worth, knowing we belong and knowing we can make a difference. 

Judy Scher, D.C. is Director of the Scher Center in Santa Fe since 1992. She is an international teacher, workshop leader, and keynote speaker. The Scher Center utilizes cutting edge reorganizational healing tools including Network Spinal Analysis Care. For more info go to

or call 505 989-9373. Live Wild. Live Wise. Celebrate the Magic of an Integrated You.

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