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Multi-Dimensional Mastery - February 2016 - Santa Fe

Love is Being Real

By Dr. Judy Scher

So much has been written about love, and about the different kinds of love such as Eros, Agape, and Philia. This article is about the kind of love that awakens us to our true nature and the journey to receive the wisdom of our real self.


First we need to redefine ‘healing’ and expand its context beyond the cultural norm. As seen by most, healing is when some illness, symptom, or pain is resolved. It doesn’t matter if you are a highly intelligent, spiritually aware person who has been exposed to many mind-body modalities. Most people still view ‘healing’ as fixing, restoring, or curing. 


Taking this view isn’t wrong or right decision– but most people are unaware that this viewpoint is a choice.  Every choice brings us to new destinations. What destination do you arrive at when you choose to get rid of a discomfort? What if the discomfort was the way your life was talking with you so that you would change something. So that you would grow and evolve, not just repeat the same cycles over and over. There are times to fix and there are many more times that life is asking that we truly heal.


The nature of healing itself contains and expresses this ultimate life paradox: when you are present with your experience so completely that every cell of your body registers your authenticity - alignment with your thoughts, feelings, and even structure of your body - an instantaneous release of energy is experienced. In that moment of liberating energy, in that moment of pure acceptance, of pure love, there is nothing to heal. 


We all live along a continuum of consciousness with regards to healing. Wherever you are is where you need to be, at least in this moment. The next moment may reveal something completely different.  It’s this unique perspective of allowing that’s missing in our culture. For the most part, our culture sees healing as simply ‘the end of pain.’


If having a spiritual outlook is of a high value to us, we may feel we should take the higher road in our healing and be okay with whatever comes, when in fact, the most spiritual thing for us to do may be to feel how much things aren’t working so we honor ourselves in the moment.  Through this honoring we embrace a deeper wisdom that speaks through our cells, reclaiming and embracing parts of ourselves that have been left behind.  And if our mind doesn’t get in the way, we are able to move quickly into a new knowing, with new strategies - just by being true to ourselves.


Take the experience of Liz. Liz is a psychotherapist who is exposed to many different forms of body-mind work.  She does yoga, meditates, eats good food, and yet has been having chronic digestive issues and low level anxiety for years. Since Liz sees herself as a spiritual person, she has preconceived ideas of the kind of thoughts a spiritual person should have and how a spiritual person should behave. Liz maintains an attitude of acceptance of everything that’s going on until she hits a crisis and then she sinks. She goes into a depression and can’t seem to pull herself out which activates her physical symptoms. She then seeks help from a healing practitioner to make her discomfort go away because it has become overwhelming.  Once she gets her symptoms under control again, she shifts gear back into her former identity she has for herself.  The cycle goes on like this for years, back and forth, between connecting to an awakened state and back to a suffering state.  But the bridge between the two states is missing.  Inevitably, the symptoms don’t go away. Life is saying to her: ‘Don’t ignore me any longer, I have gifts to give and you’re stuck in a perspective’. This is the crossroads that life offers. Will she listen? Will we listen? How can Liz or we do this journey differently? Where the end result is empowerment, wholeness and a true integration of body-mind-spirit.


With healing, the value is not on our ‘idea’ of spirituality, but on being true to who we are. 


Being REAL with oneself allows for a fluid and expeditious change from one state to the next, from one feeling to the next. And being REAL must be practiced to develop those perceptual muscles. Being REAL with one’s experience is the most loving thing one can do and the most spiritually wise act to allow. REAL isn’t about cathartic repetitions that last for long periods of time. REAL is about the ability to instantaneous change your feeling state with a corresponding change in your energy state so YOU transform. You are conscious of a new awareness. It is anchored in every cell of your body.  From here there are new choices. From here we are present.


LOVE is being REAL.

Judy Scher, D.C. is Director of the Scher Center in Santa Fe since 1992. She is an international teacher, workshop leader, and keynote speaker. The Scher Center utilizes cutting edge reorganizational healing tools including Network Spinal Analysis Care. For more info go to

or call 505 989-9373. Live Wild. Live Wise. Celebrate the Magic of an Integrated You.

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