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FEATURE - February 2016

Love is Everlasting

By Traci Bray BS, MA


Love. What kind of love are we talking about? Romantic love? Sexual love? Love of a loved-one, be it parent, child, sibling or animal?  In my work as a psychic Medium, love equates to the positive, goodness-based side of the soul. In life we hopefully live in a loved-based state, which is what greets us upon death.


In this article I’ll be addressing our souls as love. With a Master’s Degree in Law Enforcement and Justice Administration, there have been times, aside from my work as a psychic Medium that I have questioned are all souls love? I believe we can accept that not all children are created from the culmination of love. And that of children, not all become loving adults, be that by genetics, learned behavior, or the effects of unwelcome experience. There is so much to argue about here, be it scientific or through the ages. But for the sake of this article, let’s presume that all souls are created equal, and at the moment of conception or birth – wherever you are at with this – a pure soul emerges. And let us further presume that all souls equate to love… pure love. Now that these issues are settled…


Pure love at best is patient, kind and full-of-goodness. This may surprise you; but as a Medium, I see that all souls pass and continue to live in a thriving environment. “But, but…,” you exclaim? I can only tell you what I’ve seen. I’ve not seen anything that would equate to Hell, or to Purgatory or any horrific location. This does not mean that that these places don’t exist. Yet in over 30 years of practicing, and having seen cruel people whom have passed, I’ve not seen it.


I respect that other Mediums I have encountered, speak of forgiveness and how to achieve it after death, and of hierarchies that exist for our good behavior, beliefs, etc. rewarding us on the Other Side. Forgiveness seems to have occurred either automatically upon death, or somewhere on the rapid journey between Earth and the Other Side. What I see is simple.  It is without presumption. It is as if arriving at a state of love instantaneously occurs upon death of the body. If we die alone, if our death is tragic or unanticipated, if we are ravaged by illness, or if we lived a life full of hatred, our place in-life seems to make no difference in regard to our soul’s life thereafter.


There are many words used to identify the place souls travel upon death of the body, Heaven, Paradise, Eternity, The Hereafter, and the Other Side to name a few. Regardless the name chosen, and crossing all cultures it is a place full of love. As a snake sheds skin, moving into a new season of life, so does the human body. It leaves behind the impure, the no longer needed, and the soul survives. When I began this work, I saw The Other Side as up-there (as if pointing to heaven), or, down-there (as in pointing to Hell), as if they were separate, far-away locations. But as time continued, what appeared was only Light. I accepted that judgement of the continuation of the soul was not mine to determine, or that of others, and by the time the soul began to move from the physical body, only love traveled forth.


Some of the characteristics common to all beings I’ve seen on the Other Side are:

  • absence of mental or physical illness or pain equating to impeccable health

  • freedom from judgement

  • acceptance of others in contrast to hatred, anger and misunderstanding

  • negative thinking is gone, with positive thinking replacing it

  • anger is not an emotion apparent, yet calm understanding is

  • being well-nourished, v. poverty and hunger

  • eyes are bright, skin is beautiful and bodies are whole, v. ravaged by wounds or illness or malnutrition

  • no addictions, even when addiction may have been the cause of death


Babies and young children appear. The in-vitro come into view, regardless of method of exit from this World. They are cheerful of spirit, and often indicate gratitude to have been created, and released to move forward. Routinely I’ve seen people who have suffered atrocities that are now whole, comfortable, relaxed and actively participating in a life everlasting. Love that continues is not giddy, sexual, or silly. It feels most peaceful.


What becomes of the unkind, the hateful/hurtful? What about those that victimized, maimed or murdered others? All are received in a state of all-encompassing love upon passing. Does that mean that the victim must receive the abuser, or that the abuser lurks in-wait of the victim? Not at all. It may mean that neither ever encounter the other on the Other Side, which is an entirely safe place.


Concerning animals, I’ve seen they and their keepers reunited. From the dog to the iguana, the goldfish to the pony, animals and other creatures are full-of thriving vibration. Parks exist where people stroll with their pets. Livestock and horses graze in the fields. The lion does lay down with the lamb.


Finally, does this all mean that we have full-range to behave in loveless ways, as we wish on Earth, without consequence? Not at all. It is debatable that we would continue to survive as a species without boundaries. Boundaries are created with the concern for goodness. Goodness is love. Love survives.  Love is simple, and in weightless simplicity surfaces to the top. 

Traci Bray is an “Evidence-based” Medium. She is Certified by The Windbridge Institute of Tucson as Level Five Research Medium, and by the Forever Family Foundation of New York. She earned her Master’s Degree at Western Illinois University. She reads by phone, or in-person from her Kansas City office. Find her at, or reach her at 913.940.0754. She posts nearly daily at

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