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FEATURE - February 2017 - Kansas City

Love Never Dies: Opening Hearts to the Language of Spirit

by Lisa K. Cooper


This month, as many of us celebrate heartfelt relationships, some hearts are feeling empty after the passing of a loved one. Shortly after my mother’s death, my heart ached without her physical presence, but I soon discovered that love never dies, it only changes form.


My grief journey and subsequent after-death discoveries began with my mother’s surgery to heal her back pain. Two painful weeks later, we learned she had contracted a fatal bacterial infection, and her death was imminent. Shortly after her passing, many mysterious occurrences began happening that fully resonated in my heart, even though they often challenged the logical side of my brain. These occurrences however, proved to me again and again how our loved ones continue to love us, share our experiences, and provide help along our life’s journey, even after they pass on.


Dream visits are often the easiest means for our deceased loved ones to communicate with us. Loved ones can visit during our sleep when our minds are still and our hearts are open. Shortly after my mother’s passing, I began keeping a dream journal to record the details and wisdom she shared. These dreams were unlike all others, especially when she shared specific advice about current life issues. From exact dates on decisions surrounding the remodel of my father’s new home to classes she suggested my daughter take in school, her advice was heeded, valuable, and proof that love never dies.


In my experience, there are five practical D R E A M tips for opening your heart to receiving dream visits:


Decide to Receive

Have the conviction to connect, believe it is possible, and ask your loved one to wake you up if necessary, to help you remember. Psychic dream information can be subtle, yet symbolic, and you will most likely communicate telepathically with your loved one while dreaming.


Relax and Restore

Relaxing before bed and restoring your own spirit throughout the day increases the likelihood of dream visits. In spite of the grief you may be feeling, the more you can elevate your energy by doing things that make you happy, the more you can restore your spirit. Taking just a few minutes to breathe and relax at night helps your mind release the events of your day, thus increasing the potential for dream visits.


Expect a Miracle

Miracles happen daily, and occur in our dream states as well. If you can change your definition of a miracle, you’ll begin to see them everywhere, simply by having a change of heart. You can ask your loved one to help you see things differently, and then pay careful attention to what shows up!


Ask for Angelic Support

Before retiring for the night, engage your angels for support in connecting with your loved one. Your angels are always leading and guiding you, so ask for specific help and open your heart to receive it.


Make Notes

Keeping a dream journal helps to not only retain the details of a dream visit, but can document clues that your intuition may be trying to convey to you. The practice of making notes and recording your dreams will help you grow to receive the language of Spirit.


In addition to dream visits, signs are an important way our deceased loved ones arrange energy to attract our attention. This arranged synchronicity lets us know that despite being separate from their physical body, their presence is always near.


Signs appear in a variety of ways, some being very subtle while others can carry much more drama. My personal examples have included unexplained coincidences in the form of radio songs, cloud shapes, license plates, messages on my computer, as well as unusual bird and animal behaviors. It’s as if Spirit has its own special language that we all have access to, if only we make the conscious choice to open our hearts and receive it.


Four tips for understanding this special S I G N language include:


Sense Your Senses

Our physical senses only detect a sliver of what’s around us, and science now proves that our five senses detect less than one percent of reality. Therefore, it’s important to be mindful of all the senses and pay special attention to sights, smells, and feelings. Loved ones often make their presence known via distinctive aromas with special memories, a supportive touch, or their favorite song playing at atypical times.


Ignore Your Ego

Ignoring critical self talk is an important tool to receiving signs. By ignoring the seriousness of the ego, we cultivate a sense of humor about divine interaction and begin to see signs everywhere.


Go Within

All answers are within, and by practicing quiet breathing and meditation on a regular basis, signs from your loved ones will be immediately recognized in your heart. Practice “being versus doing”, and remember you are a spiritual being having a human experience.


Notice Nature

It’s often easier to listen to your own intuition and messages from your loved ones in nature. Walking, being near water, and experiencing the silence of nature opens your heart to receive signs. Mindful walking can become a form of meditation by closing the clutter of the mind and getting in touch with the rhythm of nature.


When you can incorporate these tips for receiving dream visits and witnessing signs into your everyday life, you will feel transformed. Your heart will open and you will be filled with joy and comfort in knowing that your loved one is still near. Love Never Dies!

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Lisa K. Cooper is an author, inspirational speaker and grief advocate. Her memoir, You Are My Voice, How Love’s Voice Never Dies was inspired by her own spiritual awakenings about life beyond the physical world that she experienced after her mother’s death. Connect at or email at 



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