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REVELATIONS - March 2016 -  Santa Fe 

Love Your Skin with Holistic-Focused Care

By Umerah Mujahid 


When we think of achieving healthy, beautiful skin, we must not only consider what we put on our body, rather it is vital to look at the whole - mind, body, soul connection.  While we know that the skin absorbs much of what we put onto it, and the importance of using the right natural and organic products, skin care is also very much about what is happening on the inside of our bodies.  Therefore in considering skin care treatments, one should consider a holistic approach in order to address all conditions that may influence or cause an imbalance to our system.


From a holistc stand point a typical treatment could combine a few to several of the following: pure organic skin care products, body and facial massages, regular facials, essential oils (topically and/or for aromatherapy), herbs, meditation, yoga, reiki (or other energy work), reflexology to name a few.


The most commonly made holistic association is that of the mind-body.  Emotional stress has an influencial impact on, and can instigate disease and skin damage.  This is evident in several skin conditions including hives, acne, psoriasis, and eczema.  If stress is established as a potential cause of the body imbalance, the treatment/remedy should address both the stress and the physical outer body condition.


Ones living condition and environment should also be considered in a holistic evaluation.  Things such as airborn toxins and pollutants, sun exposure, allergies, the atmosphere, contaminated water, exposure to EMFs (electromagnetic fields), all of which impact our bodies and our skin.  A person's personality, philosophy, lifestyle, work habits and social habits are also factors to be considered when taking a holistic approach.


The world issues and interconnectedness of all things is essential to understand how our body is effected.  In one aspect,  from a holistc approach, one should also consider that it not only reflects care for our skin knowing that the products we use are beneficial to our wellbeing and not harmful to our body, but that their manufacturing is also respectful of the precious world we live in.


There are numerous reports and research studies to demonstrate the negative health effects of products with pesticides, detergents, petrochemicals and hormones to name a few.  Evidence of the harmful effects of these hazardous substances has been shown in relation not only to our bodies but to the destruction of our environment as well.  Therefore it is critical to be aware of and encourage sustainable ingredient plantations and harvesting, use of organic ingredients as well as environmentally friendly manufacturing practices. 


The quantum sciences, also should not be overlooked.  Quantum or subatomic science presents a mysterious and altered understanding of physical reality, meaning, reality is not necessarily as it is preceived.  Energy work, such as meditation, reiki, healing prayer and other ancient rituals and philosophies find insight into the quantum sciences.  A basis in this science is where a holistic model can really take flight and expand the possibilities of how mind, body, spirit, lifestyle, relation­ships, world crises and interrelated connection among all things may affect our internal bodies and outer skin.


The information presented here is meant to develop an awareness for a potential holistic model.  However, there are no rules regarding holism, except the understanding that all living things and environmental parts are all connected and work together and should not be looked at as independent or isolated pieces.  How far or how whole you see holistic is guided by your own sense of holism.


When trying to achieve healthy, beautiful skin, keep in mind that since our lives are so embedded with stress and connected with the environment and our life-style, that it is important to discover and maintain the benefits of exercise, the simplicity and beauty of enjoying nature, to be able to breathe fresh air and enjoy laughs with family and friends and maintain a healthy life-style.  Remember that not only should your skin be maintained with supportive skin care products, it should also be intrinsically linked to ethical product manufacturing.  This is cruelty-free beauty in a precious world.  It is not just about skin care, but rather about caring for our well-being while being respectful of everything around us.


Be mindful.  Be connected.  Live in harmony with yourself and all around you.  Love the skin you're in, and nurture it with love.

Holistic skin care & wellness specialist Umerah Mujahid of Facials by Razia. Feel free to call 505-216-7888 for more information or to discuss your skin concerns and issues. 

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