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Heart and Business - August 2015 - Santa Fe

Retreating = Re-Sourcing

By Heather Robertson


I'm a big believer that retreating regularly will enhance success and brilliance in any business endeavor. Stepping out of the constant movement both mentally and physically and stepping into the stillness emotionally and spiritually is a gift and one I invite you to offer yourself.


Retreating to transform is customary among cultures worldwide and as old as humans have been around. I refer to retreats as "re-sourcing". Re-sourcing is an opportunity for extraordinary change and a time to circle around to the spirit or genius in you. You are your greatest resource and the starting point to accessing that resource begins within. Most approaches to re-sourcing have the opportunity to build your capacity for resiliency, creativity, less stress, emotional stability, seeing the bigger picture, and having the energy to handle challenging situations.


In the re-discovered stillness we can connect with the deeper aspects of ourselves-our spirit. Our spirits "hunger" for us to feel, acknowledge, and listen. They are thirsty to work with us and offer up your true purpose out into the world. We need both the fire and the grace within our bustling lives. Some may say they do not have the time or can't afford it-I say find a way and find it now. The doorway will show up when you commit.  I attend re-source retreats regularly. They are scheduled into my calendar every year and into every strategic plan I create for the growth of my business.


Here are few ways to get into the re-source mode and make it happen:


  • When you re-source do not combine it with visiting anyone, scheduling client appointments to make it a tax deductible, or create more work for yourself. 

  • Create a sacred space that will support rest, a direct line to your heart, and a space that speaks to you.

  • Ensure what matters to you is taken care of.  If you have children or caring for parents only retreat when you know they will be cared for in the capacity that aligns for you.  Your heart and mind must rest.

  • Do your best to find a retreat within a short driving distance from your home.

  • Retreat someplace that takes you into something you love - cooking, yoga, travel, nature, great friends or family.

  • Ensure you have supportive foods that will nourish you.

  • Get rid of the car and ride a bike if you retreat in a town that allows for this.

  • Go on a re-source experience that will stretch you on all levels.


These are just a few, however I want to get your wheels moving and ignite some curiosity with how you can invite a re-source experience in to your life. This will enhance what you bring to the world and ultimately increase your leverage to grow your business.


If you don't have a few days the next alternative would be what I call "pulsing". Much like the ocean you roll in with energy, ride the wave, and then roll out for a quick reboot. You may already do this, however the goal is to constantly come back to the light you are and replenish quickly.


Whether it is re-sourcing or pulsing-discover what method is best for your lifestyle and enjoy.


To your endless brilliance,


Heather Robertson E-RYT, CTC, CF is an entrepreneur, facilitator, and mentor, with endless commitment to presence and purpose within business and life. She is owner of Wide Awake by Design, located in 

Santa Fe, NM.  


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