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Multi-Dimensional Mastery - August 2015 - Santa Fe

Signals from the Universe

By Dr. Judy Scher


There are signals that the universe gives us to help us to pay attention in ways that support our life. The signals are there all the time whether or not we see them. If we know how to listen and are open to experience something different beyond our day-to-day conditioned state, our perceptual habits, into one of focused awareness–then we can access the lessons that these signals have to give us. 


Signals come in many forms; from how our body speaks to us, to how nature shares its wisdom with us, to how we see ourselves in the universe. When we choose to interact with life’s signals, they open the way to a new level of discovery for ourselves and about ourselves.


A first step to being able to watch out for these signals is to simply notice what is asking you for your attention. This could be a discomfort or pain, emotional or physical, or it could be a shift in energy through your body, even the wind going through the trees, the movement of a bird, or the colors of the sunset. Notice what grabs your attention and if you are attracted to staying with it.  This attraction toward something is your inner nature being ‘touched’ by something meaningful to you that often is coming from your subconscious.


You can know that you are attracted to staying focused with something simply by asking permission to communicate with it. If, after a short pause, you sense that there is an invitation to stay with your experience, then stay with it and notice what you are aware of. If you do not get permission to stay present with what you are focusing on, then move on to something else. Sometimes even if something doesn’t feel comfortable, it could still feel right to stay present with it. For instance, it can feel ‘good’ to stay with a part of your body that feels hurt if it’s the right time for making a connection.


Exploring who we are beyond our conditioned state can initially be challenging, even when we notice the ‘signals’. The reason is that the way we ‘do’ ourselves–our feelings, thoughts and the way we structure our lives – is formed over years and gets anchored into place by patterns within our nervous system. Over time what we focus on actually changes the architecture of the brain. This continual focus sets up the dominant patterns in our nervous systems that either reward or punish us biochemically for the choices we make. If we focus on needing to protect ourselves, that pattern will become written into our brain and nervous system accompanied by patterns of rigidity and tension in our body. If we focus on ways to empower ourselves, conversely we set up neural and energetic pathways to support that.


Opening ourselves up to listening to life’s signals is a powerful way to introduce novel information into your nervous system. Your nervous system needs novel input in order to grow new neural pathways. These signals are the way your body and feelings are attempting to get your attention in order to inspire you to wake up and do something differently.


When we can see things fresh, in a way that offers us a novel perspective, we start to listen and participate with all of life and move into a depth of experience that wasn’t available before. That depth brings greater presence to our lives. We can then change the conditioned behavior habits that were formed over a lifetime, enhancing a sense of wellbeing. We begin to see that what happens to us in our lives isn’t a series of problems but rather are a series of signals–allowing us the opportunity to change and grow, if only we chose to acknowledge them.


The more you cultivate the ability to listen to and respond to signals from the universe, the more choices you have in your body and in your life that are congruent to who you really are. When this happens, your body, your chemistry, and your energetic structures reward you with chemicals of love, rapture, and grace.


Judy Scher, D.C. is Director of the Scher Center in Santa Fe since 1992. She is an international teacher, workshop leader, and keynote speaker. The Scher Center utilizes cutting edge reorganizational healing tools including Network Spinal Analysis Care. For more info go to

or call 505 989-9373.

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