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Heart and Business - September 2015 - Santa Fe

Professional Transformation is Gold

By Heather Robertson


The gravity of how we are willing to transform as leaders within life or business is up to us. We are leaders at home, in the workplace and out in our everyday experience. Our inner leader has awakened and I'm inviting us to fully tap into it. In order for this to be of benefit it requires transformation. 
Transformation is change in form, evolution in response, revolution, breaking up patterns, spontaneous shifts of awareness, and deep restructuring. It is the element of heat and fire.  Nothing is the same on the other side of transformation. It is an opportunity to become stronger, wiser, and more radiant. 


We are continually transforming and growing in every minute. Even in the minutia of the day there is opportunity for growth when present. I work with many leaders and one thing is always a constant - opportunity for inner growth (grace) and engagement of strength (courage). To operate from both, grace and courage, is an opportunity to ignite spirit and step into an elevated experience of leadership within life, career, or business.

Transformation creates room for growth and growth is opportunity. We are energy through and through and tapping into transformational potential is gold. That's right gold. Imagine who you were when you began your work in the world and who you are now. Has much changed? I hope so!  Change is both great and, at times, challenging at best. Change has influence and calls to be focused and committed to the path ahead. This is a sizeable portion on the path to success.
So how do you know you're in it?  To name a few, professional transformation can look like:

  • Being called upon with more visual recognition for your wisdom - i.e. public speaking or teaching engagements.

  • Running for political office in your local area.

  • Challenge with colleagues, friends, or family members.

  • Something surfaces fear, worry, or self-doubt.

  • Your craving solitude to reflect and gain deeper learning's.

  • Not craving solitude and yet it has shown up as the only option - embrace it!

  • Circumstances unfolding in such capacity there is no way you could have planned for it - both brilliant and challenging.

  • Resistance to what has been laid before you.

My suggestion when in the midst of transformation: Breathe, don't sweat it and pay attention.  When worry takes over there is zero expansion and things will idle or become chaotic.  Here is a three step process I learned years ago and has been my go to with strategic planning, creating, and transforming in my business: let-go of tension, live with intension, paired alongside tons of attention and the most abundant path will unfold before you.
I am inviting you to step into the river of change, movement, and transformation, the same river that will back up if resisted.  Embrace the flow and mystery of strengths, values, and purpose.  This is where courage and presence lives and this is where happiness and contentment are generated.
To you, all the transforming souls moving forward in the heart of your life and profession,



Heather Robertson E-RYT, CTC, CF is an entrepreneur, facilitator, and mentor, with endless commitment to presence and purpose within business and life. She is owner of Wide Awake by Design, located in 

Santa Fe, NM.  


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