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Somatic Psychology - September 2015 - Santa Fe

Energetic Grounding for Enhanced Health and Well-Being

By  Dr. Corine Frankland


The human body, comprised of nearly 70% water, is an excellent conductor of energy. People who have been struck by lightning or who have experienced electric shock can attest to the dynamic power of electricity to flow through the body in its attempts to ground and discharge. As a safety measure, electrical appliances include ground wires and other conductors to ground erratic or leaking energy, thereby reducing the risk of shock or electrocution. Our bodies, as electrical entities, also benefit from grounding. When we consciously ground our energy, we are actively connected to the Earth and to our bodies. From this anchored state, we are able to live with increased mindfulness, embodying the “now”, as opposed to living at the mercy of thoughts based in the past and/or future. 


Holistic health practitioners have long recognized the importance of grounding one’s energy for optimal health and well-being. Multiple tools can assist in grounding, including meditation and visualization, spending time in nature, and mindful-based bodywork. Used alone or in combination, these techniques assist us to “land” in our bodies and our experiences, consciously anchoring us to the Earth and her infinite wisdom. As we enter into a deeper state of groundedness, we are more present, focused, and dynamic.  Our minds become increasingly attentive, our vision more clear, and our personal boundaries become fortified. As anchored beings, we are able to stand on our own two feet and move forward in our lives with confidence and clarity.


Yet, to be grounded runs counter to the manner in which most of us conduct our lives. Living in a modernized world, we navigate high-stress environments that require juggling multiple roles and responsibilities. Frequently, we live in our heads, negotiating multiple demands, often to the exclusion of our bodies. As we become increasingly ungrounded, our thinking becomes clouded with dreaminess or confusion, impeding our ability to focus our thoughts and attention. Repetitive, fear-based thoughts may consume much of our energy. Our bodies may present physical symptoms such as headaches, muscle spasms, excessive perspiration, difficulties with breathing or digesting, or abnormal heart rates. Indeed, in this state, many of us look like “live wires”, spinning out of control, in desperate need of grounding. 


When you find yourself feeling ungrounded, consider incorporating one or more of the following anchoring supports into your day: 

Meditation and visualization: Placing both feet on the ground, inhale, allowing the energy to move up from the Earth through the right foot and up the right side of the body. On the exhale, envision the energy flowing down the left side of the body, out the left foot, returning to the Earth.  


Spending Time in Nature: Whether walking on the beach, swimming in the ocean, or hiking in the mountains, our interactions with nature positively impact our emotions and re-orient us to the here and now. Walking barefoot outdoors, also known as “earthing”, has been shown to decrease chronic stress, inflammation, pain, poor sleep, and autonomic nervous system dysfunction.  


Mindful Bodywork: The healing arts can help bring us into relationship with our bodies through the mirror of another’s educated touch. Bodyworkers trained in mindfulness and visualization can assist in the release of muscle tension and emotional blockages while providing gentle, experiential coaching to expand one’s breath, and ground the energy so that we may more fully inhabit our bodies.


Integrating daily grounding techniques into our lives provides a conduit to effectively anchor into the inherent intelligence of our bodies and the Earth. When we operate from a place of groundedness, we are more present, more focused, and more fully equipped to navigate modern life challenges.

Corine Frankland, Ph.D., is the department chair of liberal arts at Santa Fe University of Art and Design where she teaches courses in women’s psychology, archetypal psychology, and Kundalini yoga.  She is also a somatic polarity practitioner, specializing in anxiety reduction, grief and depression, and women's reproductive health and wellness.


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