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Animal Speak - October 2016 - Santa Fe

Tapping Into the Source of All

By Lynne McMahan


"When contemplating Reiki energy by inwardly exploring its nature and allowing it to flow through one's consciousness, one is progressively transformed in ways that lead to an ever greater realization of its benefits and a deeper understanding of its nature"

(Rand, "Merging with the Source of Reiki," 2016)


I love that our theme this month is focused on "Energy," the source of all that is! Reiki is that source, that Universal Life Energy as described by many cultures as the flow sustaining all of life, a spiritual entity connected to all. As Einstein introduced: mass and energy are interchangeable, space and time are not absolute, and mass is nothing but a form of energy. Everything is a form of energy, from trees, rocks and water, to animals, micro-organisms and people. Current research supports this theory and that everything in the universe is connected, from the largest to the smallest form of energy. I am no scientist, but I believe this to be true, experiencing it every day through my practice of Reiki. I also believe as Reiki colleague, Jeff Baird states in his article, "What the World Needs Now is Love Sweet Love," that "some might call what we do [as Reiki practitioners] service work." We are serving all sentient beings by sending "loving thoughts that are followed by loving actions" through Reiki, raising the energy through our love, light and trusting that this life energy will go where it needs to go (Baird, 2016).


To share this belief I want to tell you of two experiences I had this year to illustrate well the existence of Universal Life/Love Energy and how it supports all of us.  In the spring, a beautiful adolescent thrasher flew into the side of our truck parked on the street. I did not see it happen, but my next door neighbor who was driving by noticed the bird on the street and let us know where the bird had fallen. I quickly rushed to the bird's aid, scooping him off the hot pavement, placing him in my neighbor's yard in the shade to allow him time to recover. After several hours of recovery and throughout that night, his life force was still very present, but he could not stand on his own, so we continued to share our energy and Reiki until we could find a bird rescue to help with his healing.


In the morning, when he was still wide awake and present to his life, I contacted another neighbor who told me of the New Mexico Wildlife Center (NMWC) in Espanola. She loaned me her bird cage and let me know the thrasher was part of a family who lived in the large cholla cactus across the street. The family not only consisted of this young fellow, but his parents, and newly hatched siblings as well and was needed at home. The NMWC's mission includes wildlife rehabilitation ( They greatly honored this mission by caring for our thrasher friend for several weeks, returning him to the neighborhood and his family, a happy, healthy and well bird. When you think about the amazing amount of Universal Life/ Love Energy this experience opened all of us to, from the thrasher, to his family, to his friends in the neighborhood and the NMWC, how can you not believe the power of Universal Life/ Love Energy as the source of all? Love and compassion emerged from a small group of humans who care deeply about all life.


The second experience occurred while I was in Oregon on a work trip. I received an email from one of the wonderful doctors who care for our Santa Fe Animal Shelter animals. She emailed me and asked me to communicate with her friend's indoor cat who had left the safety of his home for the intriguing world outside by pushing through a screen in an open window. Nellie asked, "I know you've said before that you do long-distance communication, so I was wondering if you could possibly reach out to him and tell him to go home? His name is Phineas and his owner's name is Rachael. Phineas is a neutered male Bengal cat, about 5 years old." Though he was in North Carolina, several thousand miles from Oregon, I immediately saw him in my mind's eye, hiding under something--a wood pile, a shed, or another house--I wasn't sure because I did not have context. Phineas could only show me what he saw and was able to communicate his fear, lack of confidence and that he did not know how to get back to Rachael. I did Distant Reiki healing and communication and let Phineas know that his best way to get back was through the "heart line"--his heart to Rachael's. I opened the line for him to see. I then asked Nellie to have Rachael concentrate on the heart line as well. In the early hours of the next morning, Rachael was awakened by a noise and her motion sensor light. When she went outside to see what had made the noise and triggered the light, Phineas ran out from under a bush. Through their love and a "motion light awakening" from the Universal Life/ Love energy, he did find his way home, safe and whole and ready to be back with Rachael. How powerful to trust and allow the source of all to guide the way!


These experiences remind us of the connectedness and love that is the essence of all things as we continue to move along our blessed path.

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Lynne McMahan, Ed.D., En-Light-En Reiki, is a Usui/Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® Master and Mind-Body-Spirit Mentor, supporting the healing of each person or animal on their journey of transformation. For more information:,, or 505.400.3168. 

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