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REVELATIONS- December 2016

The Art of Oneness: 

Focus on Conscious Parenting 

By Linda Rae


For years, I had blessed my food and family before eating a meal. That was the extent of my experience with blessings. Then, I was inspired by the separate teachings of Matt Kahn and Christie Marie Sheldon to bless everything around me throughout my day. So as I drove to the gym, I blessed the corn fields and the houses and the people in the cars that I saw. When I listened to NPR, I blessed the people in the news stories and the reporters.  I blessed my cats and dog and horse when I fed them. I blessed the clothes in my closet and the water in the shower. I blessed everything I could think of.


What did I gain from the act of blessing everything? I got a super-high, blissed-out vibration of pure love and joy! I also had a feeling of invincibility, as though I was everything that I was blessing. It was a lesson in Oneness.  But one day, I turned my blessings on my daughter as we were doing homeschool, and I received something unexpected.


My six-year-old daughter is a very unusual child. (I know all parents think this, but it’s really true about Skylee.)  She is so full of love and happiness and gratitude, and she always has been. It’s not something she learned from us. It’s just part of who she has always been.


As Skylee’s homeschool teacher, I often found myself bored with the kindergarten materials and frequently impatient with her ability to take in the information. She often read very quietly and she spelled hesitantly, and it irritated me. So, I tended to be critical and demanding and not too pleasant of a teacher.


One day, I decided to silently bless Skylee as she was verbally doing her spelling words. If she faltered or hesitated, I continued to bless her. This made my heart open so wide that there was a big, joyful smile on my face. Soon, Skylee was beaming back at me and spelling her words with confidence and joy. I was no longer focused on being bored. I was leading the both of us in a communion of teaching and learning in a most joyful way. Wow! I could not believe that by choosing to consciously focus my awareness through my heart on my daughter that she was doing her schoolwork with joy and confidence and excelling in a subject that she previously had struggled a bit with.


Since my heart was so open and I was so full of love, I was patient with Skylee to the nth degree. She could take as much time as she needed to pronounce or spell words, and I was her silent cheerleader. But I also became full of verbal praise and encouragement because my heart was so open. I just wanted to give and give and uplift her and see her excel in such an effortless way. It was a very practical, tangible example of the Oneness of all of humanity (and all of creation). By connecting with my daughter through the one heart/mind, I affected an outcome.


It does take effort to show up to be a conscious parent/teacher. It’s not necessarily easier to just observe and bump along and react, but perhaps it is more familiar. It takes effort and a conscious choice on my part to want to open my heart and be an uplifter. But wow, what an affect giving blessings has on me as the conduit and my daughter as the focus of the flow. It seems too simple to be so effective, but I challenge you to give it a try and see if it doesn’t alter your relationships (with yourself and others) and your perception of the world in general. May you be blissed out in blessing everything as yourself and loving the you that you find in all of Creation. This is the Art of Oneness.

Linda Rae is an artist whose work depicts a visual language of Oneness. Her mission is to spread a message of Oneness through her art and writing. See her website at

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