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FEATURE - October 2017

The Energy of Knowing

by Therese Inzerillo


Growing up in a health-conscious family, I have always been open to alternative health therapies.  My fascination grew, leading me to the exploration of energy work, for which I developed a passion.  My insatiable desire peaked a curiosity in me to comprehend just what energy work was and how to do it, leading me on many interesting journeys. 


In a college English class, I wrote a paper on energy work, interviewing practitioners of various styles of energy modalities, searching to comprehend the difference between them and what caused this “energy” to seem so magical.  I concluded that all styles of energy work, while utilizing different techniques, were channeling energy from the same “Source”.  Additionally, Universal law tells us that “like energy attracts like energy”, therefore, the intention of the practitioner and the style influence the vibration set forth from that specific modality.  People are drawn to the style or practitioner that most resonates with them, at that particular time, yet all are equally valid.


Still a novice, I continued to search.  My quest led me to a book entitled, “Wheels of Light, a Study of the Chakras” by Rosalyn Bruyere. D.D., which served to be a wealth of information.  Bruyere, an intuitive healer, is gifted with the ability to read the human energy field and see patterns of disease and energetically transform the tissue at a cellular level.  This amazing ability along with her collaborations with physicians and scientists in medical research have earned her the reputation as one of the nation’s most successful healers.  Of her numerous medical research projects, the one noted in her book which captivated me, was her research at UCLA, along with Dr. Valerie Hunt.  It was in this project that her skills in perceiving and interpreting auric phenomenon were first perceived. Her book diagrams each chakra showing the various waves of energy for each one.  It was this that created a foundation for my understanding of energy work and continued to peak my interest.


My fascination drew me to study energy work with a Shaman Healer, learning to do hands on healing and working with crystals and gemstones.  I invoked energy in ceremonial medicine wheel ceremonies, took a course at a hospital in Therapeutic Touch, extensively studied the chakras and auric field experimenting with various techniques to balance and heal them.  I became a Master in Usui and Mahatma Reiki, as well as developing my own style of working with the life force energy.  I studied and practiced Reflexology, Aromatherapy, and became certified in various forms of bodywork and energy work, including achieving licensure as a massage therapist, for which I have worked professionally for the past 19 years. My journey led me to work at five-star resorts and spas, chiropractic offices, healing centers, as well as having my own healing business and pioneering a successful international internet talk radio show for five years, entitled “Intuitive Living” discussing spiritual and holistic topics.  Through all of these experiences, I developed the ability to sense and “read” the energy in the body, especially the chakra centers.


While hosting my radio show, I had the opportunity to interview many reputable and interesting healers and authors, one of which was Gregg Braden.  Hearing Gregg speak at various workshops and reading his books, I was enthralled with his work.  Gregg, a trained scientist, is gifted with the ability to explain difficult concepts in layman’s terms that people can understand.  His presentations are instrumental in bringing the realization of quantum physics to the mainstream.  He disseminated conclusions of experiments demonstrating how results varied depending on the beliefs of the Observer.  The same experiment with an Observer of a different belief carried a different result, thus demonstrating that the energy particles respond according to what we believe they will do.  In Gregg’s workshops, he validates this by showing a video of a woman with a massive tumor receiving energy healing from Tibetan practitioners chanting healing mantras expressing “it is done” and focusing on the tumor dissolving.  The tumor is displayed in real time and, as the practitioners chant, the tumor amazingly dissolves before your very eyes!  In my interview with Braden, we discussed these findings, along with the power of “knowing” and the impact it has in energy healing.  When we think, believe or know something, it changes our vibration of energy, thus drawing to us that which we are vibrating.  Although all are valid, the energy of “knowing” is more intense and dramatic than the vibration of “believing”, leaving no room for doubt or fear.  


Understanding this concept made a huge impact on me.  Shortly after my interview with Gregg, my cat became deathly ill due to his bowel not functioning.  The vet gave little hope for him.  Remembering the “power of knowing”, I performed hands on healing and Reiki for my cat, “knowing with absolute faith and trust that, it was done”. Within 15 minutes he jumped down from the table where he lay, went to the water and food bowl and began to eat for the first time in over 24 hours.  In the morning, I took him to the vet where they once again x-rayed him and his bowels had completely opened!  He is still with me today and I am extremely grateful for understanding and utilizing the power of “knowing” along with the Reiki I was taught. I utilize this in all of my healing sessions.


To many the concept of energy work still seems foreign and imaginary, but it is science.  Albert Einstein tells us:

"Everything is energy.  That’s all there is to it. Match the frequency
of the reality you want.  You cannot help but get that reality.  It can
be no other way.  This is not philosophy.  This is physics."


Knowing and practicing this will absolutely change your life in every way.  The Universe responds to the vibration that you send out.  Like energy attracts like energy and it returns to you in physical form.  It’s really that simple!

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Therese Inzerillo specializes in energy work, counseling, speaking, teaching and writing to uplift, inspire and educate.  She is a LMT, Holistic Healer, Interfaith Minister and Intuitive and offers massage, energy healing, counseling, classes, ceremonies, sacred journeys and retreats through her businesses “The Blooming Lotus” and “Namaste Journeys”. Her goal is to inspire people to live their best life!  She is a Kansas City native, where she currently resides, but lived and worked in Phoenix, Arizona for 15 years, where she practiced her holistic therapies at a variety of top spas and healing centers, taught at holistic colleges and spiritual centers, hosted her own international talk radio show, “Intuitive Living” and organized and produced spiritual conferences and workshops.  She can be reached for classes, workshops, speaking engagements or private appointments at or 602-579-1994.


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